For anybody who doesn't quite fit in with the glittery promenade of white, skinny, half-naked queers on the streets at Pride, what else is there? Sometimes Kylie Minogue just doesn't cut it. No offense, Kylie. There has been many a stride of pride (as I like to call any departure from a one-night stand) where "Get Outta My Way" most definitely fueled the giddy journey back home.

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But we need a diversity of idols, and Seattle's music scene delivers.

You probably already know about KEXP, the indie music station. But you may not have heard of GAYEXP, a party that emphasizes people of color, women, and other intersectional queers making damn good music—this year featuring performances by SassyBlack, Sashay, and Guayaba.

Guayaba is one of the performers I'm most excited to see. In their track "Basura Negra," Guayaba (aka Olivia Hatfield) raps: "I promise that I'm honest, and I promise I'm sincere, and I'm fucked up in the head and I am fat and I am queer, and I am poor and black and may even be ugly, but I'm here."

Like plenty of others, I'm done with being left behind. If you're wondering where I'll be this Pride, I'll be shaking my full, dimensional, intersectional booty to this lineup that's hotter than being stuck outside at Pride with no sunscreen on.

Recently I immersed myself in the universe of SassyBlack's newest release, Sumthin Special—a galactic, sparkling, and mysterious album that is most definitely out of Becky's league—and discovered it is a space that I don't want to leave anytime soon. Catherine Harris- White's vocals are yet to be added to Sumthin Special, but for a sneak peek/listen of what to expect, check out the sensuous "Passion Paradise" from 2017's New Black Swing or the playful declarations of love (and boundaries) in "New Boo" from 2016's No More Weak Dates, all fueled by SassyBlack's Afrofuturistic beats.

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I'm decent at holding my alcohol, but Sashay's furiously paced and equally fueled lyrics might make me spill a drop or two of my mixed vodka cocktail (which are offered at this party, and this thirsty bitch thanks you) while head-banging. Kate Moss Un-Break My Heart is an album for the undeniably queer, frustratedly horny, and righteously pissed. Holy shit, that's me. Sashay's here to affirm angry queers like us with their own vignettes of real-life heartbreaks based in the city. Listen to "America's Next Top Bottom" and "Gaysted" for a raucous experience equivalent to (as their Bandcamp says) "an old prom dress: loud, proud, and bursting at the seams."

I'm ready for pure magic here, people, and with DJs Mister Sister and Fishlure, and host Princess Charming, I'm confident this inclusive party is easily one of the hottest celebrations this weekend.