JPEGMAFIA (aka Jamaican-American MC Barrington Hendricks) has used his experiences of racism in Alabama and travels in the Air Force to shape his lyrical outlook and sonic approach—both of which are among the most exciting and adventurous in modern hiphop. His latest album, this year’s Veteran, is a wild ride through rhythmic and verbal extremism. As Pitchfork said of it in a review, “JPEG’s greatest trait is his ability to move from rap’s center toward its fringes by reimagining soul-sampling New York rap in a late-2010s internet wasteland.”

There are more than 80 musical acts performing at Bumbershoot 2018, which happens this Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31-Sept. 2) on the Seattle Center grounds. A complete breakdown of Bumbershoot 2018 Critics' Picks here, and the full Bumbershoot 2018 schedule here. JPEGMAFIA performs on Friday at 2:15 pm. Some media below.