Steph Wilson

On my year-end best-of shortlist for 2018 is Superorganism’s self-titled debut, one of those records that catches hold immediately and never lets up—the sort that’s so good you just keep letting it replay, over and over, until you realize that many hours have passed and you’re now singing along with all the choruses. The self-styled “DIY pop production house” (their sound is catchy noise pop with big womping synth textures and a natural sort of buoyancy) collaborated on the album remotely, its eight members from Japan, South Korea, Australia, England, New Zealand, and the US, and their female lead singer has that inexplicable youthful quality to her vocals—they just sound young. Which makes sense, since she was only 17 when Superorganism was recorded. It'll be interesting to see just how they mesh in a live setting.

There are more than 80 musical acts performing at Bumbershoot 2018, which happens this Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31-Sept. 2) on the Seattle Center grounds. A complete breakdown of Bumbershoot 2018 Critics' Picks here, and the full Bumbershoot 2018 schedule here. Superorganism performs 4:55–5:35 pm Saturday on the Fisher Green Stage. Some media below.