Genevieve Medow Jenkins

Rhye is the project of Toronto-bred, L.A.-based musician and singer Michael Milosh, whose vocals are a delicate, honeyed, hushed caress, a kiss to the ears, so exquisite and captivating that the first time I heard him, on a Bonobo track (“Break Apart”), I literally wept. (I’ve described him as a melancholic, higher-toned Sade.) His music is soulful, downtempo, alternative R&B with slightly-upbeat moments of grooviness that had its debut 2013, when he released the first Rhye album, Woman, as one-half of a duo. Now, he fronts a collective whose subtly lovely instrumentals are a perfect complement to his gorgeous vocal stylings, and is touring behind sophomore LP, 2018’s Blood.

There are more than 80 musical acts performing at Bumbershoot 2018, which happens this Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31-Sept. 2) on the Seattle Center grounds. A complete breakdown of Bumbershoot 2018 Critics' Picks here, and the full Bumbershoot 2018 schedule here. Rhye performs 8:50-9:50 pm on Friday at the Mural Amphitheatre. Some media below.