I am more focused on the energy of the music than the style.
"I am more focused on the energy of the music than the style." Samuel E. Smith

JIMI JAXON (Disco Droppings)

Current top 5 tracks:

Alex Metric, "Shirley, You Can't Be Serious?" (Marine Parade)

Ferry Corsten, "Junk" (Flashover Recordings)

Kuuro & Spencer Ludwig, "What U Wanna Do" (Monstercat)

Breakage, "Treading Water (feat. Detour City)" (DSB Music)

Astronaut, "Rain" (Monstercat)

Crew/label affiliations: 7 Deadly Records, Disco Droppings, Steamworks Seattle, Hollow Earth Radio."

Styles played: "Many variations and hybrids of house, juke, funk, hip-hop, ambient, drum & bass, dubstep, rock, and everything in between!"

DJing philosophy: "I am more focused on the energy of the music than the style. I enjoy learning about the history of electronic music and bringing that knowledge, diversity and range of decades through my sets. I sometimes work around themes depending on the event, but always allow myself to flow freely with the direction of the sonic journey, allowing the speeds to sometimes change dramatically and mix in sometimes unconventional ways. It is rare that I play a set of only one genre or style. I like to switch it up and surprise people. If you listen closely and often, you'll hear some favorites I just can't let go of—tracks that I've held onto for years and years since I started DJing 11 years ago."

Format: "CDJs! I now use CDJs with a USB stick option and utilize both."

Worst request: "Hmmm, ha ha. This isn't quite a request, but I remember DJing a house party once and I started out my set with a Vangelis song from Blade Runner. Someone was very unhappy with it. They were very vocal about it, and I just kept on playing it! It got more dance-oriented after that track, but Vangelis is a sacred artist to me and that is a perfect soundtrack, so I wasn't having it!"

Upcoming events:
"Resident Monthly DJ at Steamworks Seattle for three years currently, doing 4-hour+ DJ sets -> 3/29, 4/5, 4/13, 4/26, 4/27. I host the weekly Disco Droppings show on Hollow Earth Radio, Thursdays 5 pm-7 pm (PST). Playing the True Love Art Gallery opening party May 9, 6 pm-10 pm."