There are a LOT of truly amazing drag/music crossover events happening in Seattle this Friday. Tonight at Showbox SoDo, Seattle drag queen Miss Texas 1988 is opening for headliner and multi-instrumentalist King Princess. For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to see Miss Texas perform you're missing out on a queen who really commits to her performance. I recently saw her onstage at Cucci’s Critter Barn drinking a giant bottle of vodka and shoveling chocolates into her mouth to Celine Dion’s “All by Myself.” The Seattle-by-way-of-Minnesota queen quite literally throws herself into her performance, using her best tool—her body—to express and heighten emotion.

King Princess is good too—her smoky vocals and poppy beats explore queerness, desire, and love. Though I'm not the biggest fan of the musician, "Pussy is God," is THAT song, the one you wanna put on to feel yourself (and maybe somebody else). But I'm also curious about how this show is going to shake out. Will Miss Texas perform three numbers back to back to back? Or will her, Banoffee (another opener), and King Princess go round-robin style, with the musicians performing a couple of songs at a time to give Miss Texas time to get ready for her next number? I'm assuming the show is centered around the drag queen, obviously:

But if queer pop maybe isn't your speed, perhaps you can mosey on over to Timbre Room where one of my favorite, trashy drag monthlies, MUGZ, will shoot off into the stratosphere at around 8 pm, followed by the "meme-ish absurdities" of DJ Bus Replacement Service at 10. MUGZ is hosted by Americano, who you can sometimes catch dancing backstage to the different drag numbers, with the regular cast of drag entertainers who include: Hot Pink Shade, Michete, She, and our very own Digital Editor Uh Oh (Chase Burns).

And apparently even the music event is drag-twinged; Doris Woo (DJ Bus Replacement Service is her stage name) performs in a Kim Jong-un mask. Fucking wild.
Courtesy DJ Bus Replacement Service

If you're a truly insatiable beast hungry for more drag and dancing, check out Kremwerk (downstairs from Timbre Room), where Seattle queen Mona Real is hosting Thriftease this evening, an auction/fashion event where drag queens model incredible vintage finds, co-curated by Mona and Isador Vorpahl. Audiences bid on the clothing items as queens and performers strip them off with each sale. Audiencegoers actually buy the clothing right off the backs of the models. It's weird and sexy and fun. This Thriftease's theme is Lisa Skank, as in a slutty Lisa Frank. And, following this evening's trend of drag events opening for music events, techno producer Rrose (Stranger music critic Dave Segal's favorite techno producer) will follow Thriftease in Kremwerk, accessing the "deepest realms of hypnotic minimal techno," according to Segal. Whom I trust.