Seattle band Antonioni is debuting their new music video for Stutter Step
Seattle band Antonioni is debuting their new music video for "Stutter-Step" Courtesy of Antonioni
Last winter, I wrote about a mysterious group of people who were filming what seemed to be a music video on a rooftop outside Digital Editor Chase Burn's apartment window. There was hip-gyrating. Crazy angles. Someone wailing silently on a guitar. For the three stoned people observing them in the apartment across, it seemed like something out of a dream or, like, a really whimsical movie. We were charmed.

This group of people turned out to be Seattle band Antonioni (have you seen L'avventura?), who were in the process of shooting the music video for their single "Stutter-Step," from their January EP The Odds Were All Beating Me. In the first interview I did with bandleader Sarah Pasillas, she told me they had "just watched a music video by the old Seattle band 7 Year Bitch, and were inspired by the way it captured the city, as well as the distorted angles and vibes."

The black and white video, directed by artist and Antonioni drummer Kyle Todaro, is full of fish eye lenses, intimate angles, and the Seattle skyline, which complements the alternative '90s indie rock dreaminess of the music. Antonioni will be playing this Wednesday at Barboza, supporting Montreal's Mauno and Vancouver B.C.'s Jo Passed. Check out the music video below.