Earlier this week Stranger writers told you about their favorite places to scream. If you need help warming up those vocal cords, here's a collection of some of the best throat-shredding singers in the Pacific Northwest.

Have your own favorite? Yell about them in the comments! 

Blaine Cook

Toe Tag, the Accused, the Accused AD, the Fartz

Blaine Cook is an OG in Northwest hardcore as vocalist for the Fartz, the Accused, and now Toe Tag. He has an absolutely wild vocal style and his signature scream is one of the key things that made the Accused the legends they are. Never one to rest on his laurels, Cook is still out there screaming his face off into a microphone. 

Angel Perry

Generation Decline 

Angel is the vocalist of Bremerton crust-punk/hardcore band Generation Decline and her style is nothing short of brutal, harsh, and unrelenting. 

Dave Verellen


After seeing Botch play two sold-out reunion shows this past year, there’s no doubt in my mind that vocalist Dave Verellen has one of the best all-time screams in hardcore music. He makes it seem so easy. 



Hulder is an absolutely phenomenal one-woman black metal project based in the Olympia area. Her high-pitched scream is the perfect companion for the driving, evil soundtrack her music provides. 

Neil McAdams

Come Horrid Sigil, Black Breath, Vacuum

Most of us first discovered the power of Neil’s voice when he fronted the mighty Black Breath (RIP Elijah Nelson). This dude has an absolutely perfect metal scream—it’s nasty and raw but you can make out the majority of the words he’s screaming. Lucky for us, Neil is back on the mic as vocalist for Seattle d-beat hardcore band Vacuum and the brand-new melodic death metal project Come Horrid Sigil.

Vance Bratcher

Aethereus, the Devils of Loudun 

Do yourself a favor and look up a song by either Aethereus or the Devils of Loudun and take a listen to vocalist Vance Bratcher’s high-quality throat-shredding skills. Vance is a powerhouse in the world of metal vocals and has been going at it hard in the underground scene for over a decade now. 

“The Executioner”


A relative newcomer to the world of screaming, “The Executioner” has come out swinging with the incredibly gnarly vocal performance on the band's debut EP An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering. I can’t wait to witness her hellish scream live. 

John Pettibone

Heiress, Himsa, Undertow

Though you might characterize his vocal style as more of a howling yell, John Pettibone has been screaming into a microphone here in the Northwest for 30-plus years. His longevity is commendable and his voice is unmistakable. 

Renae Betts


It’s been a long time since Seattle crusty grindcore band Skarp have played a show, but there’s no denying that Renae’s intense vocal style is 100% timeless. 

Lis Di Angelo

Filth Is Eternal

Though they have incorporated more tuneful singing on the debut Filth Is Eternal LP Find Out (released just last month) vocalist Lis Diangelo has a piercing scream that’s straight out of a slasher flick.