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Patchwerks and the Trading Musician Are Struggling to Stay Plugged In—Can the Music Community Afford to Lose Them?

Hey, Dave Grohl! Wanna buy a store? MS



Seattle musicians are not happy that their favorite music store is slated for closure after 32 years of serving the community with new and vintage instruments. The city's rock scene would never have been as creative or accessible if not for places like Trading Musician. The shop has been a beloved clubhouse for musicians where folks jam, meet new players and even form bands. A great place for beginning rockers as well as seasoned veterans! There has been a call out to Seattle's famous musicians requesting that they invest in the profitable business.

I performed my song about the fabulous Trading Musician music store at a Seattle city council meeting where new council member Tanya Lee was being appointed to take Teresa Mosqueda's seat. I love the TM! It's like going to church for me. The shop has helped inspire a lot of new music!

It is a profitable business so the hope is that someone will purchase it and keep it open as a music store.

Dave Segal's Article in The Stranger magazine is a good overview of the situation. A feasibility study was scheduled for Jan 25 by a potential buyer who did not want to keep it open as a music store. If it closes there will be a big unfulfilled market for used and rental instruments and equipment!


"To make matters worse, Patchwerks has suffered an increase in theft and property crime. In 2022, a motorist rammed a vehicle through the company's front doors, causing property damage and loss of goods."

The Stranger would like you to know that this crime - in their opinion - should never be prosecuted. The person who smashed this building and stole goods, if caught, needs to be let go. They need counseling, not jail time. The Strangers endorsement of Nicole Thomas-Kennedy for City Attorney, who literally said retail crime was just fine with her, that small business should just enjoy the loss and deal with it, makes that 100% clear. Thankfully the voters ignored The Strangers recommendation, and she was not elected.

The Stranger's radical politics seems completely out of touch with the people it (but does that include you, Dave?) pretends to support. No one who runs a small business can survive constant thefts and break in - but The Stranger doesn't give a shit. Until an article like this, where they pretend to do so.


Latest word is that Trading Musician has been approached by someone who wants to keep the business open as a music store. What we need is an owner who is willing to sell to that potential buyer instead of to the first offer she received.


Here's my performance at City Hall of my song about the Trading Musician.
BTW I just bought a cool Steinberger electric guitar there on Sunday.
It rocks!


I'm a frequent guest on The Jeff Santos Show broadcasting nationally on #radio & #TV from #Boston. In my latest segment with my buddy Jeff we talk about the importance of the iconic #TradingMusician music store to the music community who dearly love the place. I describe the business as a "clubhouse for musicians" as well as a "curiosity shop" and "museum" for musical instruments. I appeal to #EddieVedder, Dave Mathews #BrandiCarlile, #Macklemore and ##AnnWilson of Heart to buy the shop and save it from closure. The business is profitable and serves a market of professionals and amateur musicians and bands. #SaveTradingMusician! We need an alternative to the national chains! And as far as buying online is concerned, I definitely want to play that guitar before I buy it! I just bought a bass guitar at Trading Musician last night and as always they treated like a rockstar. Thanks guys!

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