Music Jun 17, 2024 at 9:00 am

New Podcast Remembers Seattle's Battle for All-Ages Music




Institutional support does nothing to maintain and sustain support for the arts. Support of people is needed to do this. Along with that, it's never been easier for someone to put artwork art there and not all of it is good. You would think that with the flood of art happening on the internet, the scene would be vibrant but it's not. It's easier to say things and flake out online but if you go to an art show and love a piece, you may feel more pressure to support the art in person by buying a painting or a print. Same goes with music shows. Art has a much bigger impact when experienced in the real world but it's being relegated to a virtual role more and more each day.


I liked that dance marathons were mentioned in the podcast as it's a fun topic, but dance marathons were banned in communities all across the nation back then. I don't think the fact that Seattle banned them was a sign of things to come. Other places that banned them later went on to have thriving live shows / all ages/ arts / etc. communities.

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