Warner Sallman's Head of Christ.

Artist Talk: Does 3-D Printing Publish Art?

(ART) Wed April 8, Central Library (1000 Fourth Ave)

Welcome to the future! Will 3-D printing ever be considered art? How exactly does that shit even work? See it happen in real time, before your very eyes, with examples on display, a slide show, and a lecture/Q&A with visual artist ReMike (aka Mike Leavitt). Truly an event to tell your friends' grandchildren about.

Nearby snack: Right inside the library you will find Chocolati Cafe for all your urgent handmade-chocolate needs.

The Jam

(DJ/MUSIC) Fri April 10, Vermillion (1508 11th Ave)

Every second Friday of the month, check out The Jam—a collaborative classic hiphop DJ night featuring live, MPC-powered beats from Specs Wizard with A.Madman and Able Fader holding down four turntables. They promise it'll be "old skool, undergrimy, and local to the bone!" Can't argue with that.

Nearby Snack: A giant plate of nachos at Bimbo's Cantina (1013 E Pike St) is where it's at.

Emerald City Soul Club

(DJ/DANCING) Sat April 11, Lo-Fi (429 Eastlake Ave E)

If you're in the mood for another happening monthly—and you are—every second Saturday of the month, you can rely on the talented Emerald City Soul Club DJs to spin the hottest, most soulful 45s for your blissed-out dancing pleasure. Both rooms fill up and it gets h-a-w-t—there's no better place for you to bust out your best spins on the baby-powdered floor!

Nearby snack: Row House Cafe (1170 Republican St) serves a crazy-extensive menu of drinks, plus a (thankfully) simpler supper menu with offerings like ribs and potpies for the carnivores and succotash and cauliflower kale for the veggies among us.

'Warner Sallman: The Master Painter'

(EVENT) April 11–21, Nordic Heritage Museum (3014 NW 67th St)

You know that Jesus painting Head of Christ? The portrait where Christ is looking really serene and babely, and the colors are all warm and golden? If you saw it, you would totally know what I'm talking about. Chicago's Warner Sallman is the master painter who masterfully painted that (the New York Times once called Sallman one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century), and a selection of his work will be on display until April 21. You know what they say... "He has resin."

Nearby snack: Walter's Cafe (6408 32nd Ave NW) serves Top Pot doughnuts and Snoqualmie Ice Cream. Just saying.

'Fifty Shades of Grey'

("FILM") Various theaters

Support The Stranger

Oh come on. Who doesn't like a ridiculously dumb movie based on a ridiculously dumb book? I haven't seen it yet (I need to score the strongest of edibles in preparation), but if it's half as funny as the book, you're getting your money's worth. At least it passed the Bechdel Test?

Nearby snack: If it's Monday, stop by Cafe Lago (2305 24th Ave E) for wood-fired, thin-crusted pizzas for $10, pints of Pike Pale Ale for $4, and $5 glasses of Chianti. recommended