Black Lizard at Northwest Film Forum

'The Illusionists—Witness the Impossible'

THEATER/MAGIC June 16–21, 5th Avenue Theatre (1308 Fifth Ave)

*GASP* The Illusionists—Witness the Impossible is everything I love about everything! Magic, Vegas-style shows, groups of men with distinct and highly stylized personalities! The seven flamboyant magicians are: the Anti-Conjuror (shock magician, Hot Topic goth), the Warrior (weapons, butt chin, human equivalent of brocade), the Manipulator (the shy one, elegant card tricks), the Futurist ("Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield"), the Inventor (steampunk David Crosby/Colonel Sanders hybrid), the Trickster (adorable in a British-ish way), the Escapologist (is named the Escapologist).

Nearby snack: Frol!k (1415 Fifth Ave) is home to downtown Seattle's largest outdoor patio with over-the-top modern decor (fire troughs encased in glass and lined with crystals, translucent plum chairs, neon ping-pong tables). They serve food and drinks and are serious about fun.

Divas Take the Hill

QUEER Thurs June 18, 12th Ave Arts Center (1620 12th Ave)

Kick off Pride 2015 with the annual Divas Take the Hill party—a night of burlesque, drag, and LGBTQ talent, hosted by Seattle's premier Tupperware-consultant drag queen, DonnaTella Howe! Not only will the night be crazy, sexy, AND cool, but proceeds will go to benefit Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets.

Nearby snack: Momiji (1522 12th Ave) is probably the best sushi on Capitol Hill with a Japanese courtyard. 

'Black Lizard'

FILM Thurs June 18, Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave)

Directed by Kinji Fukasaku, Black Lizard is a 1968 Japanese detective film based on a 1934 novel by Edogawa Rampo (dialect version of Edgar Allan Poe's name) and its 1962 theatrical adaptation by Yukio Mishima, who, at the time, was the lover of the film's star: writer/drag performer Akihiro Miwa. Got it? The plot involves a jewel thief who plans a kidnapping in order to obtain a prized diamond and who also turns people into dolls. Or something. Just go see it. As no less an authority than Charles Mudede puts it: "There is not one flaw in this movie."

Nearby snack: I've been meaning to try Gnocchi Bar (1542 12th Ave) because only monsters don't like gnocchi and this place also boasts a strong dessert menu (gelato!).

Fremont Solstice Music Festival

FESTIVAL June 19–21, Fremont Neighborhood (Phinney Ave N and N 35th St)

Support The Stranger

WHAT? Deltron 3030 are playing the Fremont Solstice Music Festival? Where have I been? I thought Fremont's solstice celebration was just a thinly veiled excuse for nudity, body paint, and generally "keeping it weird," but this looks pretty okay. The weekend's lineup includes music from the Presidents of the United States of America, Ayron Jones and the Way, RA Scion, and much more. There will also be an art car blowout, buskers, yoga, and a dog parade... because what did I tell you

Nearby snack: This guy I know who trims weed for a living says that Revel (403 N 36th St) is really good. When asked to elaborate, he said, "They have this salad that's just arugula and corned lamb, and it's spicy—it's my favorite salad in Seattle. They have stupid art, though." recommended