Scared of Chaka play Chop Suey July 2.

'The Destroyer Has a Master Plan'

ART Through Aug 1, Speckled & Drake (1355 E Olive Way)

Local artist/musician/fortune-teller Corey J Brewer makes slide collage prints using film negatives and transparencies from home movies, mainstream cinema, educational films, etc. in 35-mm slide casings. He manipulates the slides using paint, bleach, and other wizard tools—the resulting pieces are appealingly eerie and very worthy of your bloodshot eyeballs.

Nearby snack: I'm sure we've talked about Pie Bar (1361 E Olive Way), we must have (my memory is a smoldering landfill), but y'all, it's a place whose only function is to sell pie and booze. You can get a slice of pie, or a martini, OR, if you're feeling frisky: a PIETINI—pie-inspired drinks that come with a crumbled piecrust rim. It sounds kind of gross, but then you're drinking one like, where has this been all my life?

'Freedom Fantasia'

THEATER/QUEER July 1–3, Triple Door (216 Union St)

I could watch season six of RuPaul's Drag Race over and over and never get sick of Seattle's own BenDeLaCreme. Though our terminally delightful DeLa didn't win first prize (guh!), she was voted Miss Congeniality and also queen of my heart. DeLa hosts this Fourth of July spectacular, which also features star-spangled talent from Kitten LaRue, Cherdonna Shinatra (who's up for a 2015 Stranger Genius Award!), Lou Henry Hoover, and many more. [Heart-eyes emoji.]

Nearby snack: You're in luck! The Triple Door has a full menu of food from pan-Asian restaurant Wild Ginger. I like the Sichuan green beans, as they are the most efficient salt-delivery system.

Scared of Chaka, Full Toilet, Prison

MUSIC Thurs July 2, Chop Suey (1325 E Madison St)

Whoa. Albuquerque, New Mexico, punk band Scared of Chaka (formed in '93) are playing a reunion show! Their first Seattle show in 14 years! Also on the bill are Seattle's own Full Toilet, fronted by the ill-tempered Don Sheets, who is sure to blow a gasket. The last time Full Toilet played at Chop, they left behind an actual toilet, which was then made into a giant outdoor ashtray (for butts!). This was viewed by the band as a hostile act and resulted in a rant/rave–filled e-mail claiming that the toilet was Sheets's own home shitter and demanding an ice sculpture, among other things, by way of reparations. Do go to this show.

Nearby snack: Have you ever had the dessert chimichanga at El Gallito (1700 20th Ave)? Just wondering.

Fireworks! Everywhere!

EVENT Sat July 4, Various locations

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The jury's still out on whether we should be particularly "proud" of our "nation" at the "moment," but patriotism aside, FIREWORKS FUCKING RULE. You know they do. They are so cool. Who designs them? How the hell do they get those shape-making ones to make those shapes? So beautiful! So fleeting! No matter where you live in the Seattle area, there is probably a fireworks show you can hone in on because the sky is still free, like you. (For now.) Check our handy Fourth of July calendar for details:

Nearby snack: The most Fourth of July snacks are: Bomb Pops/Firecrackers (those red, white, and blue Popsicles), the flag cakes that your neighbor always makes with raspberries/blueberries/Cool Whip, and... hot dogs, I guess? Knock yourself out. recommended