A Curious Bestiary: Chimeras and Cryptozoology from American Print Makers Beauvais Lyons/Davidson Galleries

Northwest Psychfest

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

MUSIC July 30–Aug 1, Sunset Tavern (5433 Ballard Ave NW)

Three days of psychedelic music—a genre that has grown to include all that is reverberating and/or trippy, from heavy rock freak-outs to mellow pop haze. Whatever you're into, man, doing some weed will accentuate the rich tapestry that is music. Can you dig it or whatever?

Nearby snack: Señor Moose Cafe (5242 NW Leary Ave) for glorious Mexican food. Start with the esquites—fresh corn with epazote and cream and fried tortillas for dipping.

'A Curious Bestiary: Chimeras and Cryptozoology from American Print Makers'

ART Through Aug 1, Davidson Galleries (313 Occidental Ave S)

You have only a few more days to catch this show of peculiar prints. There's a lot to wonder about: detailed creature hybrids, pets that are actually meat, anthropomorphic beasts hanging out with animalized humans, and a few different takes on animals that are falling apart.

Nearby snack: The London Plane (300 Occidental Ave S) has a thorough menu of daytime tasties, right down to the comprehensive toast section. They also serve themed dinners Wednesday (chicken), Thursday (pasta), Friday (seafood), and Saturday (couscous). Seems like that could cut down on marijuana-induced menu panic.

'Dan Webb: Break It Down'

ART Through Aug 31, Olympic Sculpture Park (2901 Western Ave)

Pop down to the Olympic Sculpture Park to visit sculptor Dan Webb's performance/project/whittle-a-thon, during which he sits on the porch of a summer shack he built, carving a fir tree into tinier and tinier sculptures until they are nothing but sawdust. The entire tree will eventually be whittled away by Webb; seeds from the tree will be planted.


Wild Sharks!

SHARKS Through Aug 2, Seattle Aquarium (1483 Alaskan Way)

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Coooool! Wild sharks! Did you know there are wild sharks that live IN PUGET SOUND? The Seattle Aquarium will tell you all about them during their daily shark talks and activities. Don't forget to visit the octopuses, tropical fish, and underwater viewing dome! (I knew someone who swore that the aquarium was best visited while stoned, alone, and listening to Air in headphones at top volume.)

Nearby snack: It seems kind of weird to go to the aquarium and then go eat seafood, but the pier has a Crab Pot (1301 Alaskan Way), Elliott's Oyster House (1201 Alaskan Way), Ivar's (1001 Alaskan Way), and more if all those little buddies made you hungry. recommended