Slutever, Lisa Prank, Childbirth, and Sharkie play the Narwhal Sun Feb 22.

Budtender’s Ball


MUSIC Fri Feb 20, Lo-Fi Performance Gallery (429 Eastlake Ave E)

Well, this is a no-brainer. The first in a series of three (happening on the 20th of each month, ending on FOUR TWENTY), this Budtender’s Ball stars a DJ set by Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene), who will no doubt be spinning the very chillest of waves, plus local party-starters the Flavr Blue and DJ WD4D.

Nearby snack: Stop by Feierabend—South Lake Union’s very own German pub—for a Bavarian pretzel or an intimidating serving of Wiener schnitzel.

Balkan Night Northwest

FESTIVAL Sat Feb 21, St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (2100 Boyer Ave E)

The annual Balkan Night festivities offer some of the liveliest music, dance, and costume around, celebrating the vibrant heritage of those Southeastern European countries nestled between Italy and Turkey that often end in ia (Serbia, Croatia, Albania, etc.). The best part of Balkan Night is always the wall-to-wall dancing in a giant spiral with the friendliest strangers to ever become your instant best friends! Seriously, though, I can’t recommend this event enough.

Nearby snack: There will be delicious snacks and drinks available—try one of everything!

Slutever, Lisa Prank, Childbirth,
and Sharkie

MUSIC Sun Feb 22, Narwhal (1118 E Pike St)

As if the Unicorn decor isn’t eye-melting enough, with its thorough floor-to-ceiling circus treatment, the Narwhal basement space is a dim carnival of pinball machines with a stage and its own bar, so you never have to see daylight again. I highly (ha-haaa) recommend every band on this bill: LA’s Slutever are a sassy bong-rip kind of band, Childbirth are for weed gummy bears and laughing until you cry, Lisa Prank is for vaporizing out your feelings. And someone—I won’t tell you from which band—might be wearing a shark suit.

Nearby Snack: The Unicorn’s menu features such High List–approved items as fried Oreos and cream, cotton candy, and grilled-cheese-stuffed grilled cheese. Think about it.

Ann Hamilton ‘the common SENSE’

ART Wed–Sun through April 26, Henry Art Gallery (15th Ave NE and NE 41st St)

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Ann Hamilton was given the entire Henry Art Gallery for the common SENSE, which, as far as I can tell, includes many animal scans (like, if you put a stuffed iguana on a scanner, AND THEN SCANNED IT). The Henry website explains: “The exhibition is full of images and skins of animals: once alive, they touched and were touched in return by the world they inhabited.” Whoa. I could stare at the bat scan all day.

Nearby Snack: The University District is home to a good old-fashioned Häagen-Dazs shop where they sell non-snobby ice cream (face it: Rocky road will always hit the spot far better than lavender bacon lychee) in cone, cup, and sundae form. recommended