Advice to Seattle Newcomers from Newcomers

People Who've Lived Here a Year Tell Newbies Where to Go, Where to Eat, and How to Survive Seattle's Winters



The best coffee is Vivace.
Friendly advice to newcomers: if you don't want to come off as a total nube and incur the wrath of oldsters (i.e. anyone who's been here more than five years), please refrain from referring to "Pike's Market", "Pike's Place" or similar. It's just plain "Pike" without the possessive.
Welcome, out of towners. Please be cool. And @2 is right: Pike Place Market. And Capitol Hill, not Cap Hill. Carry on.
Did The Stranger purposely only get recommendations from white people?
@5, absolutely not. we had no idea what anyone looked like; they sent their photos in after the piece was edited.
@5, Interesting point. While I don't believe the Stranger deliberately omitted poc, I don't believe Seattle is a top urban destination for most poc, particularly black people, which may account for a lack of recommendations. This may be because of a desire for most blacks to go to cities where there are more black people to engage in activities with, where there is a more diverse job market that they believe they'll get a fairer shake in, and where they won't stand out like sore thumbs from being the only black person in the office, or the club or the bus.
As someone who grew up in a snowy climate, I think it is so cute how Doug just don't know.
@8 Tell me more about the ways of black people!
"Best neighborhood in Seattle?

Pike's Market, aka downtown."

I nearly had a stroke reading this.
So is Purr still a gay bar or nah?
Chris Pennell from flat-as-hell Indiana - are you SURE all you need to drive in hilly Seattle in the snow is to drive defensively? O sweet Midwest child.
Advice to Seattle Newcomers from Newcomers About How To Overpay For Your Drinks And Avoid People Of Color In Your New Urban Home

Sorry but the fact everyone is white as fuuuuuu and there is not one person of color represented in this mosiac of people willing to pay too much for bad hipster food is a huge miss on the part of The Stranger.

Do better. We know you can.
@14 this was an open call to all readers. edited them down, reached out to them via email. we had no idea what anyone looked like; they sent their photos in after the piece was edited.
I get that some people dont like winter. But seriously, the winters here are not that bad! The temps are nice and mild, and the rain helps keep things nice and fresh and green! And the summers here! Wow!!!