The Sacrifice/Wallingford/Sat Nov 25/9:10 pm: When Officer Jackson arrived at the Wallingford home, he was informed by the caller that the victim had been crying uncontrollably for the last few days. The complainant then explained that she and the victim, her father, came to the U.S. over a year ago, fleeing the war that had consumed Kosovo. Because of technicalities that only the INS can dream up, they had to leave their mother/wife and other close relatives behind. Of late, her father had become increasingly despondent about their plight, and today when she returned home from work, she found her father in the middle of the front room floor, crying and screaming in total despair. Though the father couldn't speak a word of English, Officer Jackson concluded that it was best to send him to Harborview Medical Center for a psych evaluation.

Dressed to Enforce/Downtown/Thurs Nov 30/4 pm: Officer Ledbetter, who was assigned to SPD Demonstration Management Platoon C (they actually call it a platoon!), wrote this report: "I was working in the full SPD DDU uniform with a large patch on the right breast that states 'Police,' a cloth badge on the left breast, and SPD patches on both shoulders, and [later, when I was] facing the [protesters], I saw an individual dressed in a black leather jacket break through the line of the officers containing the crowd and run toward the south. This individual was not wearing [a] police [uniform with a large patch on the right breast that states 'Police,' so I] stepped directly into his path, grabbed the lapel of his leather jacket, and directed him to the ground."

After taking control of the suspect, Officer Ledbetter allowed him to stand up. When questioned about his brazen attempt to challenge police authority, the suspect stated that all he wanted to do was get to his car, which was parked behind the police line. This answer did not impress Officer Ledbetter nor Lt. Tooke, who booked the suspect into King County Jail.

Global Desires/Downtown/Thurs Nov 30/6 pm: This afternoon, the intrepid Officer Mazzuca and his partner responded to a call from Nordstrom corporation. When they arrived at the glamorous retail store, they contacted a smartly dressed employee who informed them that security had a thief in the detention room. "He entered our store," she explained, as all three walked to the detention room, "secreted a fleece jacket under his jacket, and exited the store without attempting to pay for the item." The store's security personnel, however, managed to intercept him just as he stepped outside. They then escorted him to the detention room and recovered the yellow/black North Face jacket during a pat-down for weapons. The suspect was then transported to King County Jail, where his arrest was screened by Sgt. Koutsky.

Five days after the theft, Police Beat walked down to Nordstrom to have a look at this yellow/black North Face jacket, and easily found it on the fourth floor in the performance section. The jacket is massive, very hi-tech, and was assembled in the Dominican Republic. Police Beat didn't buy the jacket, nor attempt to steal it.

The Excruciating Pleasures of a Jaycore Pepperball Gun/Downtown/Thurs Nov 30/9:55 pm: "As officers started to take about four persons into custody," writes Officer M. Hazard, "the rest of the crowd continued to back away except for one person: Suspect Doe." Suspect Doe advanced toward the arresting officers and attempted to reach out and pull one of the protesters away from the police. "[I then] fired [my] Jaycore SA200 Pepperball Gun at Suspect Doe seven times, hitting him and causing him to cease his aggressive actions and flee back into the crowd." The Jaycore SA200 Pepperball Gun is a semi-automated, air-powered gun that fires a plastic-coated .68 caliber paintball-type projectile that contains 1.5 grams of powdered OC (oleoresin capsicum). Such pleasures, such pleasures.