The Heist/North Seattle/Sat April 6/3 am to 5 am: This afternoon, Officer J. L. Farrar was dispatched to the QFC on 145th Street to investigate a burglary. Upon arrival, he made contact with a QFC employee, who explained that between 3 and 5 am an unknown person or persons entered the supermarket by cutting the bolt securing the sliding door to the storage area. The suspect or suspects then went to the meat locker and removed 18 cases of high-quality meat. Farrar reports: "[Rose] feels the suspect[s] could be a former employee since he or she [or they] seemed to know how the door was secured. Plus, he or she [or they] knew where the meat was stored. The suspect[s] also knew not to take the cheaper deli meats. There was [a six-hour] delay in reporting the event to the police, due to the manager needing a butcher to figure out the amount of loss. A case number was given to the manager."

The Big Deal/Georgetown/Sat April 6/9:50 pm: This incident took place in a warehouse in Georgetown that looks like a brick factory from the outside, but is actually the base of operations for an organized criminal.

"What is that?" asks Mack, the leader and plotter of the successful QFC deli heist. There is a single pile of money on the desk in front of him. Behind the desk is a short and stout brick manufacturer/mobster named Grazier.

"Your money," says Grazier without apology. "It's all there, 500 bucks in ones."

"We agreed on $1,000. I got what you wanted--prosciutto, Genoa salami, pancetta--now live up to your end of the bargain."

"Look, Mack, you know that this meat is hot. No one will touch it except me. So either accept my offer or scram."

"But I got to pay my team.... That meat has a market value of $3,000.... This is so fucked up."

"Okay, okay... I'll give you $1,000, but you got to do another job."

"This was supposed to be my last job, Grazier. I want out of this game."

"If you want the $1,000, then you got to do a number on Mystical Treasures. The place sells Moorish stuff like mosaic tables, old Berber rugs, camel-bone boxes and mirrors, musical instruments, and antique weapons. What I want is a 19th-century musket. I'll give you $1,200 for it." Grazier doubles the pile of money on his desk. Mack picks up the money and, as he storms out of the office, says, "This better be the last job, Grazier. The last fucking job."

The Last Job/SoDo/Sun April 7/5:45 pm: This afternoon, the owner of Mystical Treasures called 911 to report that a clean-shaven man came into his business, looked around for half and hour, and decided to buy Moorish pillows. When the owner was wrapping up the pillows, the man said he left his wallet in his car and would be back. The man left the store and never came back. Minutes after the customer vanished, the owner realized that the antique flintlock musket that was displayed in the front window was gone. The musket was valued at $3,500.