These Three Dogs/Ballard/Fri July 5/10:37 pm: Tonight, a woman returned home from work and found three dog kennels in her backyard that did not belong to her. She called the police, and Officer Owings responded to the report. "I went to the backyard," writes Officer Owings, "and observed a pit bull in each kennel.... [The woman] had no idea who left the dogs, and just wanted them taken away. I was aware of an earlier call that night involving a man who attempted to put three pit bulls into the trunk of a stranger's car. I contacted Officer Shank, who had responded to that call. [Officer Shank contacted the suspect and brought him to the woman's house.] The suspect admitted that they were his dogs and explained that he had run out of places to keep them. He put the dogs in her backyard for the night, intending to retrieve them the following morning. The suspect apologized for the situation, removed the dogs, and left the scene."

Golden Dog/West Seattle/Sun July 7/12:40 pm: Over the year, a golden retriever, whom we shall call Goldie, has become a regular nuisance to the residents of Roxbury Street. Whenever Goldie's owners leave town for extended periods of time, the dog escapes the confines of its fenced yard and runs through the neighborhood. He is often narrowly missed by passing cars as he wanders about Roxbury Street. Though Goldie is not violent, he jumps on strangers and aggressively demands attention. He also likes to scratch neighbors' doors. Goldie's exasperating activity doesn't end with the day. At night he barks continuously at shadows and phantoms and rudely runs through moonlit gardens. The residents of Roxbury Street have often complained to Goldie's owners about the disruptions, but the owners have made no effort to restrain the enthusiastic pet. Today the residents of Roxbury Street decided enough was enough and called the police.

Officer A. Johnson responded to the report. He writes: "On my arrival, [Goldie] was loose. He did not appear to have the normal body weight of a dog his size. He was friendly, but excited and physically aggressive, apparently wanting food and attention. He was running through yards and the street. I observed him jumping up on two legs and pressing his paws against people, causing alarm. I also observed him following neighbors to their doors when they tried to get away from him, and then run to the doors of neighbors who were leaving their homes. Goldie did not appear dangerous to anyone but himself.... I took Goldie into custody and detained him in the back seat of my patrol car until Animal Control arrived."

The End of Manhood/University District/Sun July 7/1:43 pm: I do not know the crime in this report because the victim, a 19-year-old man, was unable to say to Officer Hyra exactly what the kidnappers (nine men who all looked the same) did to him in the back of their van. All he could offer is this: "They took away my manhood. They made me do fucked-up things. Things I would never have done. I'm dirty, like a dog."