2000-years-old/Eureka, California/Wed Oct 2/10 pm: When an Oregon biker learned through friends that a Mount Baker biker needed help retrieving her motorcycle from Santa Cruz, California, where it had broken down during a recent bike trip, he offered to help. She accepted his offer. The Oregonian presented her with this plan: She would take a train from Seattle down to his town of residence, Salem, Oregon, and from there they'd drive in his truck to Santa Cruz to pick up her motorcycle. She agreed with this plan, and on October 1, she took the train from Seattle to Salem, and spent the night with the Oregonian and his family.

On the morning of October 2, they left in his truck for Santa Cruz. When they arrived in Eureka, California, they stopped at a popular pub to have a couple of beers. After the drinks, they drove a few miles outside of Eureka, and pulled into a turnoff along the Avenue of the Giants. Some of the redwoods that surrounded the truck were 330 feet tall and almost 2,000 years old. It is no wonder George Lucas filmed the famous "Endor" scenes in Return of the Jedi in this forest; the size of the redwoods, and the strangeness of the plants that thrived around their roots, was otherworldly, like the sort of evil vegetation you would expect to find beneath Venus' vaporous veil.

At around 10 pm, the Mount Baker woman retreated into the back of the pickup truck (the truck had a canopy) and prepared for sleep. She removed her bra and unbuttoned the top of her jeans and lay on her stomach. The Oregonian suddenly climbed into the truck's bed like an obnoxious bear, and sat next to her. Without saying a word, he pulled up her shirt, and started giving her a back rub. The Mount Baker woman became tense but was unable to tell him to stop. She instead told him that she was too tense to enjoy the back rub. He ignored her hints, pulled her onto her side, and began rubbing her breasts with his bare hands. He then laid her back on her stomach, pulled down her jeans and underwear simultaneously, and began rubbing her private area. (He did not digitally penetrate her.) Finally, she told him to stop, and he stopped. Outside was the sound of insects, and the monstrous shapes and shades of the trees. As she pulled up her pants, the Oregonian asked for a back rub. She refused and left the bed of the truck and slept in the cab.

At dawn, they continued on to Santa Cruz and picked up her motorcycle. In Santa Cruz, they spent the night with a mutual friend. While preparing to return the following morning, the Mount Baker woman told the Oregonian that she wanted to drive straight to Seattle, but he insisted they stop in Salem. She relented and spent the night in his house.

On October 5, the Oregonian drove her to Seattle, dropped her and her motorbike off at her house, and then returned to Salem. "At the time of the report," concludes the reporting officer, Officer Flores, "the victim had not had any more contact with the suspect."