GEORGETOWN: Neighbors from Queen Anne to South Park are quickly lining up against Southwest's controversial proposal to shift operations to Boeing Field (others against the idea: the Port of Seattle, King Council Councilmember Dwight Pelz, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and the head of the Puget Sound Regional Council). This week, two resident groups merged, forming the Friends of Boeing Field Coalition. Motto, at "Don't Let Southwest Airlines Hijack Boeing Field." MONTLAKE: The Montlake Community Club sent a letter to the city's Board of Park Commissioners on July 28, officially opposing an offer by Seattle Prep to foot the bill for a renovation of the municipal Montlake Playfield, where the private school holds athletic practices. Residents fear the city will eventually install lights on the proposed artificial turf field. FREMONT: Fremont musician Matt Kramer was irate to discover two residents, on separate occasions, tearing down his band's show promo posters this week. Postering has been legal for the past three years, but anyone can (rudely) take them down. One of the citizens told Kramer his posters were "ugly," and proceeded to rip them off with a homemade de-postering tool, a broomstick with a nail stuck through the end. The poster nannies are on an apparent campaign—Fremont's utility poles are nearly flyer-free—and claimed to represent the Fremont Neighborhood Council, which could not be reached for comment. BELLTOWN: On Wednesday, July 27, Real Change newspaper received a bizarre, hand-printed letter, alleging that the weekly paper, hawked citywide by homeless vendors, "has been taken over as a front for street-level drug relays in numerous neighborhoods." The note was signed with Real Change Executive Director Timothy Harris's e-mail address, and listed The Stranger's office as a return address on the outer envelope. "I don't have the first idea where it came from," Harris says. As for the allegation? "If somebody sees that activity going on then we are happy to look into it. But this doesn't give us anything to go on." —AJ