SOUTH SEATTLE: A trio of South Seattleites hopes to create a new community newspaper out of the ashes of the Seattle Star. "That newspaper is gone now, and we feel the loss," writes Tony Brouner, Cyn Gabriel, and Margie Slovan—all of whom worked for the Star during its three-year run. They've started Stun Publishing Inc., but they still need money: They're looking for potential advertisers, and a part-time publisher "who can help raise money for the business." They're also seeking a name for the future rag, and have slated a September 13 community meeting to gather input on all of the above.

PIONEER SQUARE: Bike couriers and commuters are worried that Bikestation Seattle—an innovative Third Avenue South storefront "transportation center" that offers everything related to bikes, including 24-hour secure parking, repairs, rentals, a "bike buddy" program, and even a place to pick up cycles left behind on the bus—is in danger of closing. "Unfortunately, the grant funding has run out," Executive Director Andrea White wrote in the latest newsletter. She indicated that they would do their best to keep the core Bikestation amenities alive past November. —AJ