News Dec 29, 2005 at 4:00 am

Local FSU Gang Disrupts All-Ages Hardcore Scene


It seems that "FSU" has unwittingly become the monster it was designed to kill. Forcing its ideology, values and beliefs upon others through violence and by any means necessary, Friends Stand United mirrors another organization, Neo-Nazism. Both "gangs" intimidate and victimize people around them to gain control or spread its word. Each uses mob rule to gain power and respect. FSU does not see itself as a gang, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is in fact a duck.
Every gang has its gimmicks to create unity and the sense of family among its ranks. FSU uses the straight edge credo or drug and alcohol free living, however they fail to realize that fighting and brutal violence has become their drug of choice. They are addicted to the smell of fear and blood of whoever may be on the wrong end of their opinion; yet another parallel to Neo-Nazism.
To see that this organization is wielding its fists to submit concert goers, concert promoters, and the musicians themselves is unacceptable. Violence used in this way is above all else cowardly and hypocritical. How many hospital visits, cracked skulls and deaths will it take to stop this madness? If it were up to FSU we would all be in a hospital bed for expressing our own opinions and freedoms.
If people just kept to themselves they wouldn't have anything to worry about,FSU strips punks ofthe power they think they have,there are a;ot of punks out there shooting there mouths off and starting fights every second they have a chance but it seems that when a group gets organized every body crys Wolf,well I support FSU.
drug abuse, alcoholism and racism are what's wrong with the hardcore scene. i believe that FSU is what's right about it. so what if they use violence to force their beliefs down some punk's throat--that punk shouldn't have been doing what ever he was doing. violence has a place in hardcore--drugs, alcohol and racism do not.
FSU sets a good example if you ask me, they live a SxE life style and teach you to respect and stand up for yourself. After all thats basically the rule of thumb, you talk shit you get beat. If you respect them they respect you. If i ever meet an FSU member id thank them for keeping the scene real
For the people out there that support FSU: they kill innocent people for no reason at all. My brother was killed by a group of them. They don't fight one on one. They are scum and will go to hell someday. the sooner the better...
When you kids say "hardcore", your talking about Discharge, Minor threat, and Social Unrest right? Oh wait thats when I was must meen Greenday, Blink 182 and Pennywise.

to all the people who live under rocks and dont know what hardcore is about shut up learn about sh*t b4 u open your dumb mouths.hardcore is about unity and helping eachother out.NoT GOIN TO SEE HATEBREED HAVE A FSU FUCK THROW A TABLE AT YOU CUZ U DONT SEE Y A TABLE SHOULD BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PIT.You know AT least a PUNK will fight you one on one and not HIDE behind The "gang" fsu are nazis.forcing beleifs down on someone are what Hardline Jocks do.Its all good to stand as One in unity but somewhere these guys got it aint a football field.
I try not to celebrate when someone dies, but when that one FSU POS got wasted in Arizona I couldn't feel too bad about it. The next day it's like "Wah, wah, the guy's a father, what a tragedy". Fuck him, his kid's better off without a moronic, thuggish manchild of a dad in the picture. Hey slick, here's a thought; develop a personality. Try to stand on your own two and form your own opinions. Go a week without violently threatening someone. Shit, maybe get a real job and spend some money improving your life instead of buying hoodies and tattoos. Or in other words; grow the fuck up and quit trying to live out a fantasy of being street, when you could just as easily have become an emo kid.
Haha, FSU give me a break. Bunch of white trash pussies. How bout this, smoke a fucking joint (chill out), try to get some pussy (be happy), and create your own personal opinions and way of life instead of letting a bunch of burnt out neo-nazis give you a protocol on how to wipe your ass. Flex your nuts in my town and end up like your AZ buddy. That's real life. But I can't really expect a brain washed fucktard to take a word of advice. Um, What the fuck is 'hardcore' anyway??
Somewhere Raybeez is turning in his grave. Fighting nazi's is one thing. Forcing your views on everyone through intimidation makes you no better than them.
Somewhere Raybeez is turning in his grave. Fighting Nazi's is on thing. Forcing your views through intimidation makes you just like them.
FSU is BULLSHIT! What to do call a group of people that jumps on someone that have different beliefs than you? a DAMN GANG! Also HEAVY METAL music is nothing but LOUD NOSENSE BULLSHIT!!!!!
use your time wisely to lobby for stiff sentences, instead of more needles violence from an already corrupt system. think about "baby brianna" in Las Cruces, New Mexico. 3 people, mom, dad and uncle, they only got 18 years each for raping and brutally killing an inocent 3 month old baby. we are paying for their upkeep daily.
pull together and LOBBY for life sentences or death to child abusers.

You can bitch and moan all you want but you won't change anything. The united states is a diverse place where everybody is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Nobody is the same and there are so many different life styles that you all should get the fuck over yourselves realize that not everybody is going to act and go about things the same way. I support FSU, I have friends who are in it. And I would much rather have different groups then have everybody be the same. Because if everyone was the same they must all be like you whiny little pussies in here. AND THAT WOULD REALLY FUCKING SUCK.
FSU is doing what the fuck they want and they should be allowed to so fuck all of you who think different. They are who they want to be. Life is a choice so make it your choice if you dont agree then dont agree but dont fucking disrespect people speaking their opinoin. if malcolm X didnt speak his opinion he would of gotten no where. SO SPEAK OUT. and no fucken child deserves to have a dad killed so dont celebrate over it. They dont kill without reason respect is earned were respect is deserved. They live a good life a respectable one. theres no such thing as going to far for what you believe in so shut the fuck up if you have a problem with it.
You F.S.U. guys are tough and fight
very well, and as often as possible
swarm your enemies out numbering
them. You've just set up a perfect
pretext for when I come in contact
with one or more of you, to use the
help of my two brothers; Smith and
Wesson. Given your documented his-
tory, be ready to be the recipient of
justifiable homicide
Respect is moron code for "I have nothing else to live for".. Go to school, learn something about the world you live in.

What is it exactly that FSU "believes in" that they are fighting so hard for? I pray to god it's not "respect"... This is laughable. I actually laughed out loud numerous times reading this article. Honestly, how can you praise American diversity and use that to justify beating up people that don't agree with you? No one has the right to assault someone.. stupid people are so silly..
FSU is a bunch of faggoty dudes who have jizz on each other's backs. What a waste of space. Give up the dream of making a difference and eat a dick.
josh c -- you are a jackhole and a bafoon. These FSU idiots are a bunch of fascist cowards... attacking only when they outnumber their opponents. These punks should come down to CA and go start crap in a club in Oakland -- let's se what happens to them then.
to those who support FSU, are you legaly insane? its okay if you don't support drugs or alcohol, and def okay to not support racism, but if you allow (and practice) violence, aren't you just committing one of the sins druggies and drunks are accused of, but without having any of the fun of being fucked up? it doesn't make any sense.

violence is not okay, and hardcore is about music, not about acting like a dumbfuck. you're gonna end up ruining the music you supposedly care about.

and btw, if i was an eighteen year old just getting into the scene and saw a bunch of juiced up fratboys starting fights and another group of people just fucked up and having fun peacefully, i'd hang out with the latter. fighting is not a good recruiting tool, unless you are in fact, a tool.
why are all these FSU kids crying about respect anyway? how do they expect to get it from violence?

"The fights moved out onto the street and one injured young man ran to his car, pulled a gun, and fired a shot at an FSU member who was chasing him. The FSU member died at the hospital later that night."

Oops, that wasn't very smart! What's that about bringing a knife to a gun fight?

Every time I read about some FSU skidmark getting killed I can't help it, I just gotta let loose with a big belly laugh.
"They dont kill without reason respect is earned were respect is deserved. They live a good life a respectable one. theres no such thing as going to far for what you believe in so shut the fuck up if you have a problem with it."
OMG are you kiddin me?? You wack-o fuck.. I hope you get taken out of the gene pool yourself real soon.

I think violence is the way to go. Fight fire with fire, no doubt. I think guns should be allowed in clubs so teens can defend themselves.
The irony of these jerk-offs using violence and intimidation to keep hardcore pure is unfortunately lost on them. They have nothing to do with hardcore - they're just testosterone-addled apes. Everybody needs to sneer at FSU shirts, they should be banned form all venues - but most importntly, everybody should laugh at them unti they slink away.
keeping hardcore real? what the hell do you seattle fucks know about 'real hardcore'? haha give me a break. hardcore has been 'real' in many years. the fact that you have a gang threatening kids at all ages shows exposes the disconnect between what was and what should be. i grew up in DC where there actually was a hardcore scene. this shit wouldn't fly there. i wonder if these current FSU members are actually familiar with the origins of FSU on the east coast (boston in particular). or do they just order the back catalog from 'victory records ' from and call it a day?

seattle hardcore. haha. stick with what you know assholes, go listen to candlebox.
"Give peace a chance"
-John Lennon
I used to know a lot of FSU guys, and after a while I got to like them... But the shit they believe in is completely fucking insane. It's typical gang mentality and honestly scary. In my time knowing them, a few got arrested, they beat up a LOT of guys, and generally lived in this "traditional skin" dreamworld and thought they were toooo awesome. Yuck. It's like high school girls with brass knuckles.

AAAAND Luke isn't 20. He's 23 or 24 I think. Sorry about your hand Luke.
when your a jet your a jet from your first cigarette to your last dying day! Hey why not have a dance off guys?!
What an amusing bunch of children. Straightedge, hardcore, racism, fights, respect and "The Scene"? Sounds like the SHARPs and Skins of the 90's, and the jocks and punks of the 80's. Someone didn't watch American Hardcore, 'cause I think the adults grew up some time ago.
Hey softcore!, better watch out for the Sharks! XD
Report all intimidation.

Keep FSU losers out of venues.

Protect freedom of expression.

Stand up for the community.
FSU could probably beat up Macho Man Randy Savage if they really put their minds to it. When one sets a goal, anything is possible.

So I therefore say to all memebers of FSU- aim high and realize your dreams!!
Doesn't the sissy thing (no to drugs and alcohol) conflict with the violence thing?

Aren't you saying you're just mama's boys (and followers of Barbara Bush) who get angry
when people have any fun?

Captain Kerk
FSU is the same thing as Jugalloes, right? Insane Clown Posse followers?
How old are these people? This is pathetic. Get a job. Few things are more pathetic than groups who define themselves through abstinence as opposed to accomplishment.
FSU? what a joke-- "err we're not getting any respect!-- so ah we're going to be violent retards." keep up the stupid work you dick-less idiots
this is all retarded but because it sounds like a good pathogen for many darwin awards, it pleases me, and i feel it should escalate and continue so more willful recreational retards off each other.
Neo-Neo Nazis is right. These people aren't anti-racist, they're just aggressive assholes.
I thought this was a gay rights group?

Fairies Stand United? And that they bash straight people? No?

I bet other prisoners will like them in jail, so clean and pure, and not all ravaged by drugs and alcohol. They'll be the first picked when other prisoners need sexual relief.

I was always an easy mark by my rivals in less caustic arenas. Bring in a nazi punk, you know, and Queerball will talk up and get knocked down. Easy pickings. Martin Sheen.
As much as I truly hate what these ugly, puerile FSU children have done, I feel a little sorry for them.

FSU is well on its way to solidly establishing itself as a monumental sociological failure. Many of FSU's recruits -- lonely, insecure and impressionable -- have surely begun to sense that their terrible conduct doesn't offer the fulfillment they expected. Rather than enjoying genuine friendship, forthrightness, and positive influence, they've become collectively unintelligent menace, unworthy of any conscientious person's respect.

FSU's tragic wastes band together and hurt people. These individuals may exhibit decent behavior while removed from their shameful, stupid social microcosm. But together, they become a group of bad people. They do bad things. They are bad people.

So much for earning respect. Fear and resentment are not the same as respect. Our current Presidential administration operates under a policy of belligerent unilateral action, global intimidation, and violence. This hasn't exactly earned Bush et. al. world-wide respect, has it?

While it seems strange that the poor young dudes in FSU expect to earn respect by similar means is baffling -- but it's a textbook sociological phenomenon that's been happening since the beginnings of human interaction. This only compounds their failure; not only are they producing results directly oppositional to their goals, but they're doing it in a tired, common, unoriginal way. They're behind the curve of evolution away from violent behavior.

Fortunately, kids grow up. FSU has failed to establish a positive public impression -- their recruitment will wane. And eventually, its members will learn the error of their ways.

That's where my sympathy comes from. The horrible moment when a foolish menace realizes that he's been living poorly. Worse, that he's hurt countless people without justification. That he's wasted his life fostering negativity and pain wherever he went. I can't imagine what a crushing weight that would be.

Hardcore is a beautiful thing -- we get to come together as brothers and sisters to engage in a communal, cathartic celebration of aggression and power. But if it's not kept constructive and fun, it might as well die. Right along with FSU.
I remember this problem in 1986 in Pittsburgh. Hardcore people were really tearing up the college scene. Skrewdriver types. Shen I went downtown to talk to the Post Gazette editorial writers about these "shock troops for the white supremacist movement" they yawned.
This article is old as shit, has been disgussed in the slog forum ad-naseum, and tired.

However, there still seems to be a lot of fools talking about shit they do not know about. First, not everyone in FSU is straight edge, so those who "support" them based on that alone just proved they don't even know the Seattle FSU people they "support", so your ass is full of shit. For those who call them " mindless thugs" with out any real, first hand knowledge of the violent incidents and their context, you are full of shit; those of you under 25 talking about "real hardcore" you already know you are full of shit. Point is, unless you know what you are talking about, shut the fuck up. You probably don't know who they are, yet you talk smack, or even support a group of individuals you don't know... Shut the f up
They may be the smartest, bravest, most outstanding men on earth until they violate the rights of others. The Supreme Court can be construed as having ruled in favor of such personalities with the "fighting word verdict" which rules that words which would drive the "common" man fight can be ruled incediary. It's foolish, however, not to see that this ruling was purposeful subversion of democracy by fascists.
You know, Arnold talks disparagingly about "girlie men" and then produces in his android factory these he-rowdies who are so given to feminine hysteria; and at your ages, too. It's really something.
With apologies to Jay Smooth, Conscientious Punk strikes me as the sort of punk that the punks look at funny because that punk reads too many books. Less of a Johnny Rotten and more of a Henry Rollins.
history channel's "gangland" did an episode on FSU recently. cops on the east coast treat them like a street gang.
If the alternative to drinking and promiscuous sex is random violence, intimidation and unbridled self righteousness, i'll have another shot, please.

fuck fsu and fuck spoiled white boys with baseball bats. No one get's my respect without earning and if those jerks want anyone to respect them they should sit the fuck down and let everyone have a good time.

I really hope this conversation happens and that we get fsu out of our city. Everyone deserves to be safe and we shouldn't have to be looking over our shoulders and shows and parties, hoping not to say the wrong thing about the wrong person. Fsu doesn't own this town, it's music scenes or it's venues.
FSU? Fart Sniffers union- Local #69
Who looks at Henry Rollins funny because he reads too many books? I thought it was because he grips his microphone in a defensive stance as though he expects to be jumped by his lecture audience at any given moment.

Yeah, FELLA, I probably am that kind of punk. But I say we need more Rollins' and Biafras, fewer Rottens and Vicious', and way fewer dangerous dickheads.

FSU: throw away your brass knuckles and volunteer at a soup kitchen.
fuck all you haters of fsu i support everything that they do for the scene and everthing else we are down in the SC and trying to start our own fsu so fuck all the haters of fsu
FSU sure isn't about about straight edge....not when their members get arrested with 23 grams of blow
I have seen the episode of Gangland about this crew or gang called FSU. I've heard about them starting fights with people just for drinking a beer at a show or for just bumping into one of them by accident. These dudes are the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. They preach unity and brotherhood, but they actually feed off of the fear and intimidation, of innocent people. What kind of unity and brotherhood is that? Notice how they don't have a chapter in NYC. They wouldn't last a second here in NYC or Long Island or any of the 5 boros. They have destroyed people lives and committed murder a few times. They are just as bad as any of the negative gangs out there.
FAGS STAND UNITED......shoot a couple of the bitches and watch them scurry like roaches..
there a bunch of fucking Nazis.
they do nothing more than what nazis did in the 80's. the swarm attack is SO SO fucking PUSSY. fight someone one on one you fucking idiots. thats the only way pussy ass punks can fight. you get mad when people drink and do drugs, WHY? who gives a shit, its your own personal freedom, again another nazi-commi tactic. id love to see these assholes show up in ATL at rap show and talk shit about drinking, they wouldnt leave the spot they were standing, maybe in a ambulance straight to grady. they target people that are alone or with like 3 people, then 25 of them attack. we beat the shit out of people that dont like our beliefs, wow so did the christains in the crusades, the nazis in germany, the commifucks in china, i mean come on you think beating up people that want to have fun is cool. thats why i pack, point blank period. the assfuck JOE HARDCORE, come on man, does this retard have any idea his name he took is a gay porn star! lmao
does FSU even exist anymore? I thought they disbanded when they got too old to keep living in their parents' basements. If they are still around, I'd love it if someone would point me to a show where I might be able to find them. Some of those sissies came up from Boston and tried to overrun a Hatebreed show when I lived in Maine. We beat them like rented mules and sent them running back to the suburbs.
FSU are cowards they claim to be against drugs and the dealers but why aren't they fighting with MS-13 or Latin Kings groups that really have a foothold in the Boston drug scene.They will get killed is why they are nothing but chicken-hawks preying on the weak and defenseless.I live here in Boston that is and I have never seen them do anything but pick on kids weaker than them.
fuck all you all bitches I dontgive afuck about your skinhead pride and i dont care about your lower eastside...... if your really hardcore you know this is the one and only motherfucking hardcore band ( slapshot. aggie front... madball... and discipline...) not included lick my whole asshole bitches
doc martin dental plan nigga!!!!!!
dumb yankee hooligans who fight against beer
what a joke - get a life
Before I mention FSU I will set the standard for a real punk rock gang. In the mid 1980's punk gangs consisted of Circle One The Family, East Side Punks, Urban Punk Assault, Hungry Gang, LADS, The Drunks, L.A. Firm, North Side Firm, and The X Men. These gangs were not straight edge and none of these gangs were nazi's. Most of these punk gangs had drug using Mexicans, Whites, and Blacks!!

The shows were in crime ridden South Central LA, and East Los Angeles. They fought traditional Black gangs and Mexican gangs. These fought so punks could walk down the street with out being harassed. FSU can not light a candle next to these older and true punk rock gangs. FSU is not voicing the needs of all punk rockers. They are only voicing their own personal agenda. FSU makes noise until a new generation pushes them into history.

What will FSU do when the Maravilla gang, or Avenues gang, or 18 Street gang go after them? These gangs each have thousands of members in prisons and in Los Angeles streets. What will FSU do when they get their attention? These and other LA gangs have weapons and members consisting of hard convicted felons. FSU should not try to get their attention.
No offense, but all you who support FSU are fucking whack. I realize you may believe drugs and alcohol is wrong, or that it is what is causing problems in your scene(not a hardcore fan) but that doesnt give anyone the right to randomly just start shit with people they dont agee with. Seems the "group" started with good intentions but looking at the evolution it has definetly reached "gang" like status. I personally do smoke pot occasionally and drink so does this make me a bad person. Personally i would rather have the laid back druggie then the people who think there so god damn tough and act as if they need to prove it. Personally i feel these people need to start having fun with your lives and try being happy rather than mad. Dont worry about everyone else and just live YOUR life. And if beating the piss out of someone is fun to you, then YOU are the one with problems and should probably seek help because noone should constantly be mad at the world. Im just happy i am not a hardcore fan, musics to negative anyway and thats the problem with the scene to you trying to pin it on drugs.
FSU origanl basis was just but as of today they seem to be the problem. You people from the hardcore scene say the problem is drugs and alcohol. The reason there are the problems that fsu say they are fighting is that which make the hardcore scene what it is. Your music is angry(at least sounding cant understand lyrics),and you dance by throughing your body violently in every direction so what do you expect. With music that tends to draw angry people lost in society and you get a rough atmosphere I.E. the hardcore scene. Ive been to many of parties shows and never have i had the need to beat the shit out of someone and yes i was either drunk high or tripping. The fact is i have rarely scene a physical fight break out. The reason people heresupport fsu i you are the same type of person as them and for that im sorry because you clearly have the wrong view on life. Smoke a joint and mellow out, then eat some shrooms and i know your outlooks on life will be better and you'll see the glass as half full not half empty
This sounds like I song I once heard.

"Punk ain't no religious cult. Punk means thinking for yourself. You ain't hardcore 'cause you spike your hair, when a jock still lives inside your head.

"If you've come to fight, get out of here. You ain't no better than the bouncers. We ain't trying to be police. When you ape the cops, it ain't anarchy.

"Ten guys jump one, what a man! You fight each other, the police state wins. Stab your backs when you trash our halls. Trash a bank, if you've got real balls!"

Then again, since I'm under 25, I'm not a true punk, so what do I know about it?
FSU is lame..
if they really wanted to keep the "scene" real. then they would let anyone speak their beliefs.
whether that be religious, political, etc.
Ok, here's the deal. The vast majority of the people knocking FSU on this thread, have no idea what Hardcore is. You are the people that chime in with "yeah, I listen to some hardcore, like Pantera and Metallica." All I see is everyone on here saying give me a break. How about you give me a fucking break and shut up about FSU. If you had half a mind of how stupid and commercial Hardcore has become, you would understand where they're coming from.

Hardcore has become about fashion, kids coming to shows to hook up, or to just plain be seen at the show. What FSU is doing, is simply trying to hold on to something and keep it pure. Ask any parent in the world, you want a child to grow up right you need discipline. Well Hardcore is there child, and without discipline and guidance, it will become just another fad.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is. Fuck all you ignorant holier than thou assholes who feel that FSU member deserve to die. I'm sure there was one point in your life where you bullied someone at school, or at work, or at church and you felt damn proud of yourself for being superior to them. Stop being hypocrits, don't talk shit about a subject you don't know about, and stay the fuck out of hardcore.
FSU and hardkorners beware - if you disrespet me I will roll up on you because that is how I rowl.

I come from the BH 94110 and my Cal Anderson posse and Lincoln Res / bobbyMo gang will ice-latte your asses. We will get postmodern up upon thee. I defakate you not - respet the Frank TJ Mackey!

Lower NW Side (aka the pine trees) Rulz! These colors don't run!
Love it or leave it!

-Peter John Thomas
FSU and hardkorners beware - if you disrespet me I will roll up on you because that is how I rowl.

I come from the BH 94110 and my Cal Anderson posse and Lincoln Res / bobbyMo gang will ice-latte your asses. We will get postmodern up upon thee. I defakate you not - respet the Frank TJ Mackey!

Lower NW Side (aka the pine trees) Rulz! These colors don't run!
Love it or leave it!

-Peter John Thomas
fuck the people who hate they dont really see what were about
FSU has become just another gang, no different than those other "ghetto" gangs. They jump other people, if you catch one of them alone then you'll see how big of a pussy they really are. They now have that mob mentality. No matter how FSU tries to justify their extistance they are another hate group.

This isn't about hardcore and commercialism anymore its about gang violence. If this keeps up that guy in AZ isn't gonna be the last one to die. "You play you pay", now you FSU guys will learn the meaning of that first hand.

I just don't understand how the supporters of FSU don't get that they've become what they hated. Why did they hate the Nazis? It was a group of people coming to shows intimidating people and beating people down for how they looked or who they were. what is the difference with FSU? I've been going to shows since 1990 in CT when the scene was really violent with groups like the leach mob. it's all a gang mentality. Punk/hardcore is about showing the outside world that there is a different way of doing things and we don't need to cling to their ideals cause we have our own. Gangs in general make me sick but especially when it involves hardcore because thats something that had a positive effect on my life. I think it's great when people are straight edge and that is one more way of rejecting societys norms but don't force it on others. The whole respect thing is a prison mentality and if thats all they want let them go to prison and fight for it. There is a certain degree of danger and violence in the hardcore scene that i always liked but just not fights. If there is any truth that some of the FSU people did join biker gangs, that tells you something right there. There's some people that like hardcore because it is loud aggressive music and a soundtrack to their fighting and others like myself that always looked at it as a way of life.
Fuck FSU they are a bunch of tough guys that arent tough. First off they are not all Straight Edge some of them are retarded assed drunk bums. I feel bad for these hippy cities like Seattle that are too scared or weak to stand up to these pussies. If they in fact did they would see that there is nothing more than the fear and rumors that are spread( themselves to make people scared)and they would see they are really quite laughable. Every year for 6 years they show up to the Chain Reaction music festivalin Anaheim Ca. and try to tough-guy everyone. You know what happens???? Every year they get beat up by Grudge City Straight Edgers. The good people of Grudge City (SLC) the real straight edgers go to enjoy some of the best bands in hardcore and every year FSU starts shit and gets beat up.
Just my thought but maybe if people besides Grudge City put these kids in their place they would no longer be a threat anywhere. Just my 2 cents.
im gonna guess that none of you people listen to metal or punk because you keep claming its the musics fault and rappers never do this BULLSHIT there are more gangs based on rap then any other music so dont get pissed because a group of friends who listen to a different kind of music decided to fight back.
i think FSU should be rewarded for getting rid of nazis and gang banging garbage. the country has failed to protect us from gangs so tey formed a "militia" to protect themselves from real gang members, as was there right. 2nd ammendment cock suckers
i love how the argument for fsu is they are cleaning things up no they are not they are a bunch of punks and thae kid that got shot in my oppinion had it coming if someone comes at me with any weapon i am going to retaliate with deadly force and saying they are anti drinking and drug hahahaha i have a friend who just joined the seattle division and you are nothing but a bunch of white shaved head guys who drink excessivly and sell drugs weird kinda sounds like skin heads huh your all a bunch of gangmembers that are no better then bloods crips or any other gang and need to be delt with as such i honestly hope that this group meets a real gang "81" and has to deal with that
Ganging up on people who have done little or nothing wrong do NOT qualify as unity and/or brotherhood. I have no respect for people who gang up on the weak to flaunt their "authority". And if you want to stop people from drug and alcohol abuse, become a fucking cop.
Shut the fuck up about respect, you FSU bro's. Why the fuck would i possibly respect anyone affiliated with a mindless, violent organization of skinheads?
people need to get the fuck over it if your scared of fsu dont go to shows. most of you are just scared little scene kids talking shit and deserve to get punched in the mouth. i dont know any fsu guys but ive seen them at shows before and yeah they do come in and run shit. but who cares if you cant stand the hit get the fuck out the pit. and as i see it slc edge guys are way worse fighting people for smoking a ciggerette next to them what the fuck is that. if you dont talk shit you have nothing to worry about everyones scared for no reason.grow some balls and if you got a problem with fsu or anyone else then learn how to stand up for yourself and settle shit face to face. hardcores about standing up for what you believe in. and standing up for yourself. also alot of people other then fsu go to hardcore shows to fuck shit up. id like to think that terror is one of the best hardcore bands in the scene right now and they keep shit real. go listen to what they have to say before you judge the scene.
So... call the police?
sounds to me that these FSU idiots are nothing but a bunch of cowards. If your so-called friend cant hold his/her own in a fight then go home coward.... no need for a swarm of cowards to start a beat down. heck a swarm of retardted kids can beat down 1 person. So is that what you all are??? A bunch of retarded kids?? Yeah thats what FSU is
If you idiots believe everything this Elgin james tells you then you all are dumber then I ever thought. hell i can say i did a whole lot of everything but in reality done nothing. This Elgin james is a good story teller. But just like every gang that relies on numbers, you catch one of them alone and they will cry pussy talk. Whine, cry and pleade that you dont beat them down. See Elgin james and the rest of his coward followers are nothing unless they swarm you.. Please dont believe everything these cowards tell you. it is bad enough Gangland gave them the time of day. Anyone who acts like a bunch of animals need to rethink their lives or just put a bullit in your head loser boys
What the fuck...I thought FSU stood for Florida State University. I graduated that shithole in '92 and was so fucking happy to get out of Leon...Guess that makes me a FSU'er
FSU once stood as a small group fighting against the neo nazis in the scene that spread all across america. I say fuck yes to that. But the fact that they get a group of buffed jocked out headstrung that jump kids on their own belief is a hock of shit. I've been living on the street since 13 years old and the only people i ever met on the street were people addicted to things, which in turn, turned me into an alcoholic. I've been fighting my way to kick the addiction. And for some jerk off jocks to jump kids because of the way they are is some pussy shit. People live with different kind of lives which i think FSU first stood for in uniting in the begining, Now the once neo-nazis they were fighting, they have become controlling the scene acting there above everybody because they run with groups. I know theres one or two of FSU still left with a brain and can fucking understand that they have become the people they fought in the first place. Its not black and white racism, It's ignorance of one person black or white and not knowing they way they have grown up and known. It's sad to see a great forward looking movement to protect, to become jockrockers who talk later about jumping one kid. You are the New neo-nazis.
Hardcore to you = Jumping a single kid with weapons. Hardcore to me = standing up against people like you. You are what should be known as pussycore.
Hardcore to you = Jumping a single kid with weapons. Hardcore to me = standing up against people like you. You are what should be known as pussycore.
Hardcore to you = Jumping a single kid with weapons. Hardcore to me = standing up against people like you. You are what should be known as pussycore.
Circle One Family Pico !

It's nice to see that there are so many experts on the subject of FSU and Neo Nazis here. It's truly an amazing feat to be able to read or watch a few news reports on little Timmy getting beat up, or little Johnny getting mad because no one wants to listen to his hitler music, and be able to become an expert on what FSU is all about. The bottom line is both sides of any conflict will point across the battle field and say "that is the bad guy". Now thanks to the amnesty wall of your computer screen you too can throw your opinions and point out your bad guy too, regardless of possible reprocussion because you are safe as long as no one figures out that you are "LilHitler-00xxhashtag smileyface". I encourage all of those who think their ideals are correct to get it put on a shirt and go walk around in downtown Seattle for a few hours. Maybe something short and easily identifiable like ( FSU = NAZI ) or something similar. You all seem very clever, I'm sure you can figure it out.
Oh I almost forgot, people die. It's really sad but it's part of life. YOU are gonna die. I don't feel bad for an idiot who gets shot while chasing someone down the street with a hammer, any more than I would feel bad for your brother for getting killed at a party for yelling white power. It's Darwinism, the most beautiful part of evolution.
Put the laptop down and go live your life, no one cares about your opinion any more than they do mine. Go outside. Don't forget your opinion shirt.
We are the east side Punx
1. Never fuck your friends.
2. What ever you it's your word so keep it
3. We do not fight each other
4. We do not tolerate fascists of any sort
5. Live and let live
6. If your brother or sister in in trouble. You ARE RESPONSIBLE to help them out!
7. Bullies are not tolerated. Under any circumstance as it interfere with the scene.
8. We are not and never have or will be a gang, we are friends. Except when you fuck with one of us. You take us all.
9. We don't take donations or pledges. We are all self sufficient working class people. And help out our friends in need.
10. We are active in helping our community and support new breed kids to be creative. Whether by art, music, film, etc
11. We try to create a positive outlook for younger generations of youth.
12. We don't have cliques we are all equal and we respect all our people.
13. Women are to be respected at all times. Unless they are disingenuous.
14. At all times we ARE EAST SIDE PUNX! And shall represent ourselves as good people.
If Raybeez were still alive today, he would cry at the state of hardcore if it has truly come to this.
I have been Straight Edge since 1986 and this new religious zealot attitude of SxE is pointless. Read an interview with Ian MacKaye and understand that it is a PERSONAL CHOICE!!!

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