My Mother's Boyfriend/Rainier Valley/Fri June 15/12:13 pm: Officer Basset reports: "I was dispatched to a private home to investigate an assault upon the victim [16, black, female] by the suspect [46, black, male]. Upon arrival, I made contact with the complainant, the victim's grandmother, along with the victim. During the interview, the victim told me that the suspect is her mother's boyfriend, who moved in with her and the mother about four weeks ago. The victim then told me that the suspect had spanked her on several occasions with a belt. The victim said that the first spanking took place last Friday morning, when both the suspect and the victim's mother spanked her on the buttocks with a belt. The second spanking by the suspect took place this morning, when the suspect entered the victim's bedroom around 0730 hours.

"Upon entering the room, the suspect demanded that the victim get up from the bed and go to school. The victim then said that the suspect started to hit her all over her body multiple times with a belt. During the spanking, the victim ran out of her bedroom to the upstairs area of the house. The suspect followed the victim upstairs and continued to hit the victim with a belt all over her body. At one point, the victim went into the upstairs bathroom and closed the door behind her. According to the victim, while she was still in the bathroom, the suspect entered the bathroom and began hitting her again with a belt. At one point, the suspect stopped and told the victim to get out of the house. That is when the victim called the complainant and told her about the situation.

"The complainant's husband went to the victim's home around 0900 hours today and picked up the victim. The victim was taken to the complainant's home, where she is currently staying. The victim indicated that she is afraid of the suspect and therefore she did not want to go back home. Also during my interview with the victim, she told me that the suspect came into her bedroom around 0730 hours a few days before. After entering the victim's bedroom, the suspect climbed into the victim's bed and started rubbing his hands all over her upper and lower private parts. The suspect asked the victim if he could have a kiss and a hug, but the victim did not want him to touch her. The suspect was fully clothed at the time of the incident. The suspect then got out of the victim's bed and left the room."

In this report, we see a domestic nightmare that is almost identical to the one in the novel The Color Purple. The center of both the novel and the police report is a sexually and physically abused black teenage girl. But fictional worlds created by humans are often more affirmative than the real world created by God. At the end of The Color Purple, the protagonist, Celie, has triumphed over the abuse and cruelty to become a strong black woman. It's unlikely that the God of our reality will be as kind to the victim in this police report as Alice Walker was to the character in her novel. recommended