Seattle's Miller Park neighbors are used to complaining about drug dealers and prostitution near 20th and Madison. Now, Miller Park has a new problem: soccer players. Reports have trickled in that soccer players—who use the Miller Playfield for night games—have been peeing in the bushes near the park's parking lot. Neighbors are pissed, they say, because the problem could be avoided. The playfield bathrooms are locked at 9:00 p.m.—often while soccer players are still whizzing up and down the field. Andrew Taylor, chair of the Miller Park Neighborhood Association, has suggested the Seattle Parks Department put timed locks on the bathroom doors to accommodate the players. Meany Middle School, which sits on the edge of the playfield, has posted "do not urinate here" signs along its walls. Seattle Parks Department spokeswoman Dewey Potter says she's "not sure there's an easy solution. All of our outdoor restrooms close at some point. We'd like to solve the problem if there is one."