QUEEN ANNE: On August 7, Nautica Condominiums resident Derek Delahunt was jogging through the Galer greenbelt—the woodsy patch on the east slope of Queen Anne Hill—when he noticed several trees missing rings of bark. According to a police report, the trees had been "girdled in an apparent effort to kill [them]." In the report, Delahunt’s neighbor, Gerald Whelan, says he suspects someone from the neighboring Citiscape Apartments had something to do with the girdling, as Nautica and Citiscape have been locked in a battle over who's responsible for taking care of the trees.

PHINNEY RIDGE: Hey, super sleuths! It's "Mystery Week" on Phinney Ridge. The neighborhood "FUNdraiser" features scavenger hunts, a "Gumshoe 5K Walk," and screenings of hard-boiled detective thrillers like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Go to www.mysteryweek.info for information on events and participating businesses.