Federal agents, Seattle Police and King County Sheriff's Deputies raided three businesses in the Seattle area earlier this afternoon as part of a prostitution and money laundering investigation.

Donald Kerry Frey, Nguyen Tran Nguyen and Minh Thuy Thi Nguyen have been indicted in US District Court for allegedly running brothels out of the Aloha Tanning Resort in Renton, the Avalon Spa on Aurora in Seattle and the Malibu Tanning Spa in Tukwila.

In the last three years, the indictment says, Nguyen Tran Nguyen purchased approximately seventy airline tickets for "numerous Asian females" to travel between California and Washington to work in the brothels. Records say Nguyen provided Frey with thousands of dollars of proceeds from the brothels.

In an unrelated case, Seattle Police also served a search warrant on another Aurora spa just a few blocks north of the Avalon Spa earlier this year to investigate another alleged brothel.

Between June and August 2008, records say undercover VICE officers were offered sex at Paradise Tanning on 100th and Aurora. The business was temporarily shut down before being reopened under another name.

Police have apparently been working with the property owner to evict the business.