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No words.
"widespread conspiracy dump pedophile"

please read your work
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Like, literally.
"Native Americans" who are from Alaska are technically and legal referred to as "Alaskan Natives"
Father Guido Sarducci put it best. "They ordained Michael Jackson as a catholic priest without sending him to the seminary. They figured he already passed the preliminaries."
(@2: Can we please just give blogs a break with this kind of thing? Language rage is misdirected at blogs. Save it for Penguin and the NYT.)

I guess what the Pope means by human sexual ecology is sending pedophiles to the tundra.
And my mother wonders why I don't go to church anymore...
Not when it is something as easy as that, 6.

It's not language is having the decency to read your fucking work before you put it out to the world to see your spelling errors, missed words, etc.. It reflects poorly on the paper and the site.
Why ex-Catholics like my father refer to themselves as 'recovering Catholics'.
Right on. Did Roosa mention how today's case relates to his 2007 settlement with the Jesuits of his other Alaskan native abuse case? I think that settlement didn't include the Diocese of Fairbanks - is that it? Or has he found more plaintiffs now that he's shown villagers what he can do? What court did he file this one in?
In the 1950s, minutes from a meeting of province leaders say that Toulouse "permitted a school boy to attempt intimacies" with him.

and that was all that was ever officially said about it, apparently.

that's denial in all its glory.
"... Seattle University bears no legal responsibility for the actions of Michael Toulouse, because... abuse he carried out occurred outside the scope of his official duties as a teacher at the school."

That isn't consistent with the superfluous code of conduct contracts SU imposes on their faculty and students. I friend of mine's wife was a teacher there, and as a Jesuit school, they were very interested in her personal life.

tomasyalba, am i correctly detecting some sneering in your post? do elaborate, please.
Shit - sorry, just clicked on the Times and they had some of those details. Tellingly, they mention that dioceses are finding some refuge from liability in bankruptcy court - and I noticed SU's PR flack is icky sticky Casey Corr.
Wow, that's fucking disgusting. Surprising? No. Disgusting? Yes.
I went to catholic shool for K-12. I received an excellent education for little money compared to private.

The Marist Brothers at my high school and the priests and sisters of S.S.M.J. were all excellent and very kind to children with absolutely no harassment of the type you speak.

Catholic schools, while having problems, were always the poor man's private school. The clergy are paid near zero, yet many have masters degrees and ph. d.s even while teaching at the high school or elementary school level.

The thing that most saddens me is the gifted child who may not able to afford Lakeside School, but who would benefit from a more advanced education than some publics offer.
I don't think someone calling himself "Unprofessional is as does" is really in a position to be calling out the language skills of others. Par for the course, though.

As for the priests, well, where else were they going to send them? It's not like they can just turn them over to the authorities to face criminal penalties, as if they were ordinary citizens. These dudes are SOLDIERS OF GOD. Of course they're going to rape a few parishioners here and there. It's a stressful life, being a -- well, whatever it is these fellows actually do to earn their crust.
They are just so full of Christ's love that they need to release it on the children of Alaska.

Amazing that these churches are trying to take the moral high ground with gays and others who don't share the churches beliefs.
Obviously this is a disturbing story however Father Sundborg is an amazing person and I take him at his word.

Unprofessional is as unprofessional does...too long for slog name
@13, you caught me. Clerical abuse pushes every button I have all at once, and I get scared and act like a jerk.
they made a documentary about this. it is free and you can get more info and watch it on their site. it is his struggle to help alaskan/canadian natives deal with this very thing.

please also sheck this link for kevin annett:
Dougsf - you may be thinking of SPU...SU doesn't make students sign code of coduct contracts.
As any one knows who went to Catholic school.
All the priests are sick fuckin sexual perdators.
The Jesuits are the blackest demons on the planet.
Fuck the church....
Nobody beats Catholics for being suckers of an evil church. That plus their Nazi Pope!
What a wonderful way to contribute to Alaska's already sky-high sexual assault statistics.
"I will continue to work toward the goal of bringing healing to all victims" by ignoring the problem and carrying out the Vatican's official strategy of insisting that the problem is all taken care of and nobody needs to trouble their pretty little heads over it one more second, no sirree bob. Molestation? That's over. No need to call the cops, now, is there? Trust us. WE'RE HANDLING IT, MMKAY?
Maybe they should get their Governor and her spiritual adviser on this.

If he's not too busy chasing down witches.
@#19- I agree. Father Sundborg is the best thing to happen to the city's Catholic population. I am disgusted by all theses cases of sexual abuse, however, Father Sundborg is just one want to put blame on someone, blame the Pope! And it bugs me that people are bringing up SU when this has nothing to do with SU.

BTW, I grew up Catholic but am no longer "practicing"!
This report simply re-enforces the abominable dimension of the record emerging around Cardinal Ratzinger now Pope Benedict XVI who -- as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (previously the Inquisition) settled over $1 billion on plaintiffs in the USA who charged tens of thousands of Catholic priests with paedophilia, pederasty and child molestation. The RC church is sick, sick, sick. They have maintained sexually repressive priesthoods for more than one thousand eyars, and they are now well into the second millenia of sexual repression on a grand scale led by a priest who -- as a member of the Hitler Youth -- killed pigeons, chickens and puppies with his bare hands. Benedict's monstrous hatred for Muslims, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists and any others outside the RC church has driven him to ignore the genocidal onslaught taking place in Gaza.
@17: Free candy salespeople. Lost puppy finders. Unlicensed clowns.
@25 & 30 Ratzinger is also a big creepy fag.
Catholics are not the only victims of these animals. Although they are the only ones getting any help. Do not imagine that these sub humans didn't spend their spare time cruising for victims in the general population often with old cars, not registered to them and without their monkey suits. The Worship of the evil God of Abraham, (Xians, Jews and Muslims) must be eliminated from the face of the earth like any other disease that harms children. Suffering and death to the Nazi Pope!
@17 re: "As for the priests, well, where else were they going to send them?"

Well... China.

From small town canada - we had a priest who was responsible for a diocese consisting of four small, predominantly roman catholic, communities.

He was rumoured to be inappropriately involved with a little boy.

Our diocese bishop reassigned this priest to missionary work in China and months after arriving there the priest was found murdered in his apartment. this last bit about the murder was printed in his obituary, so is matter of fact. The pedophile bit is just village rumour, but coincidence or conspiracy?

Sundborg - "my commitment to justice and reconciliation for all victims remains steadfast"

Reconciliation? Like priest and abused child can sit down together, talk about their feelings, then kiss and make up. Maybe the preist could even take confession afterwards and then you can all go to mass and everything will be just like it was before all this nasty business happened.

I was thinking we could skin these evil priests alive, then set them on fire, then the church pays a huge sum of money to the survivors. Even then we'll still hate you and your parasitic cult.
Well we know no where the church sent the perverts. Doesn't Alaskans have a Govenor to protect their rights? Oh I forgot Sarah Palin is racist and made her husband denounce his race. Look for more criminal complaints to come out from every State now that we will have a Justice System back that works for the people. Govenor Palin must be busy tanning herself or fixing her own criminal matters. Alaska needs help and educated non racist Leadership quick. I'll make sure Eric Holder get's this article so he can seen a US Attorney to help these people.
wow, just when you thought the catholic church couldn't stoop any lower...

I went to SU and they're much more liberal than the mainstream catholic church. They were officially reprimanded a few years ago by the archdiocese of Seattle for giving an honorary degree to a politician who was pro-choice. SU has two gay clubs (a social one and a political action one), both supported by the school administration. I don't know about abuse committed by Jesuit priests, it may be just as bad as in other Catholic orders, but SU is a liberal school that doesn't require students to attend religious services or profess a belief in God. They're more interested in social justice and poverty than telling people not to have sex, which is why I chose to go to SU although I'm an atheist.
Free Fr. Sundborg!
Doesn't surprise me. My neighbor was teaching her boy to ride a bike in an unused lot beside a 'retirement retreat' for priests. A lady came out and chased them away, even though she'd got permission from the head guy there. She tried Googling him to find out how to complain to him, when all she got was pedophile news stories. Residents there never come out. We figure the church was using it as a place to stash problem priests.
This shines a new light on the item that (Paul?) recently posted about the inverse proportionality of internet access (specifically, porn) to rape, where Alaska was the exception to the rule. It's those damned Jesuit priests throwing the curve.
A man walked up to a Franciscan and Jesuit and asked, "How many novenas must you say to get a Mercedes Benz?"

The Franciscan asked, "What's a Mercedes Benz?"

The Jesuit asked, "What's a novena?"
Celibacy, Is not a natural human condition. The notion that someone should or could or would buy into this eschewed way of thinking and living, breeds perverseness. It questions the sanctity and holiness of the church that demands it. For to understand the human condition, to give salvation, one has to live and experience it. The pious mentality of churches is often ungodly and does a disservice to mankind.

It is best to keep ones belief and religion at home, away from those who want to exploit it.
Sundborg has been terrible for the school; I can't think of a single thing he's done while in charge that I support.

No comment on the news, but people praising Sundborg should stop for a minute and consider how great his resignation would be for SU.
a, thanks for mentioning Kevin Annett's Hidden from History website and documentary that reveal jaw-dropping abuses that most people haven't heard about yet. These atrocities include THE Dr. Mengele being brought to Canadian Catholic children's hospitals by the CIA as "Father Joseph" to experiment on unwanted kids--compare that to the Vatican's battle against experiments on brainless stem cells. Also, Canada and the US are littered with mass graves near Catholic-run residence "school" concentration camps for kidnapped Native Americans children. These schools had 50% death rates not only because of the planned abuses but also because the "prolife" clergy sold these kids to the CIA, Pentagon and pharmaceutical companies for deadly experiments. Also, impregnated rape victims were forced to undergo abortions by the "antiabortion" nuns. Pope Nazinger is at least our THIRD Nazi pope. Everyone overlooks Paul VI who funded the Catholic Nazi Croatian genocide of a million Serb Christian "heretics", then helped the Nazi CIA smuggle 100,000 war criminals to North America for the Vatican's Fourth Reich of Bush 41 & 43. -- Heil Mary
Man created God. Religion is the root of all that is evil.
Most of the Aleuts living on thousands of Aleutian Islands are Russian Orthodox. Their priests marry and have normal families. They do not allowthese weirdos in their communities.
The Jesuits (High School - 4 years) and The Nuns of the Order of Saint Ann (Grade School - 8 years). I am amazed I survived. None of what I just read surprises me, as part of myself died when I was a kid too.
And the Pope wonders why I have nothing but a stone ear for any chastising he does for birth control, abortion or anything else. He finds the long held pedophilia problem of priests in the church "unspeakable" My 90 yr grandmother told me the children used to whisper "watch out for Father so and so" when she was attending a Catholic school as a child. Wake up Pope or your man made religion is over. Because obviously you haven't been reading the Good Book...
The abuse that happened to the Alaska Natives is terrible and shameful. However, I cannot believe (and there is scant evidence) that Father Sundborg was complicit in protecting pedophiles.
As an SU grad I have to say that in my experience Father Sundborg exercised wisdom, judgement, and temperance. His commitment to social justice was clear in every sermon he gave. I'm a liberal person and a lapsed Catholic. I'm ok with criticizing the church, but I'm troubled by the condemnation of Father Sundborg on the basis of the allegations in this lawsuit.
Thanks for the article on clergy abuse.
We have information on clergy abuse and ritual abuse at:……

Gosh, based on its reader comments, THE STRANGER sure is appropriately-named.

'Dere be some wacky shit writ here y'all!

I've read Fr. Sundborg's work at some length, and even met him once. 'Sure seems like a noble individual from everything I can discern. Associating the allegations of abuse with SU is a real cheap shot by a scumbag lawyer who has convinced some poor natives that they can 'cash in'...while HE gets 34%, of course! if money would abate their ancestors' pain.
I can only wonder how many more like me who were living in a strict Catholic Family .. The whole Ten Yards... They all had that MENTAL Attitude of sweeping everything under the rug as they lived it.. People were molested, My Uncle thought he was Jesus, Crazy Shit goes down.. And we all wake up like the GIANT PINK ELEPHANT ISN'T in the middle of the room. The Mentality of moving these Men and forgetting about it was also what they taught their Congregation to do .... OR FACE THE SHAME! Many A People they hurt.. My hearts go out to all of these people and these priests should pay..
All who are evil, gravitate towards the very root of all evil, Constsntines evil church, that claims that God forgives all sins. If the true church of Arius had only survived the Romans, this evil would not exist. God does not forgive pedophilia, nor do I. Pedophilia is an incurable disease that kills and maims children. Death to the Papist Pope and his evil minions.
Molestation of children has nothing to do with sex, it is an act of violence and domination. Celibacy and marriage have nothing to do with causing it. Neither does religion - there are similar reports of victimization of children by community leaders of all religions, including Buddhists.

The horror here is the complete lack of resource or escape these entire communities faced. I can't even imaging the feeling of utter helplessness they must have gone through.
Well, now we can see the discovery of the "New World" and colonialism was really done to provide the 'priests' of Europe with a steady supply of fresh meat children to molest . . . and they are still doing it to this day.

This is all too tragic - do you know what happens to a city, a tribe, or a state when more than half of the children have been sexually molested? Given the long-term effects I'd say they are unfortunately going to be experiencing those effects for several hundred years - yes that's how long it can take to heal because some of the way abuse affects personality can transmit for 5 or 6 generations before it returns to a baseline.

I don't see how any catholic can say that the church as an institution still represents jesus or god with a straight face - when so many of its priests are living a double-life or a lie. I mean, exactly how does one do daily devotions to love, cherish, and serve the supposed source of all goodness and well-being in the universe, and then after lunch decide where to send the sexual predator priest to cover up his crimes knowing that by sending him to some small alaskan town probably all the kids there will be molested by him, and more than a few will commit suicide, some will in turn molest kids when they are adults, and the rest will merely be fucked up for life (unless they get treatment or otherwise figure out how to deal with it).

I mean, you couldn't dream up a worse way to twist up and wound the human soul if you tried - and this is what the institution of the church stands for?

I mean if any of the priests of the catholic church had any real appreciation for what jesus is supposed to be about, they would dissolve the church, liquidate it's wealth and set up a perpetual trust fund to support their victims and their children for the next 100 years, burn all their writings, and then commit mass suicide to make sure that never again would anyone on earth ever revive their tradition.
I suffered through Catholic school and encountered more than my share of odd Catholic characters including nuns, priests, and emotionally disturbed teachers. I suffered through the constant guilt of not quite doing things as well as "God" thought we should. It really sucked. But there are still priests/nuns that I recall fondly because of their kindness and true devotion to their calling. My 8th grade Algebra/Religion teacher was a priest with a keen intellect and kind personality. A family friend we still stay in touch with is an elderly Catholic nun with an amusing irreverent side and a genuine fondness and love for children. Children and other innocent people are victims to these criminals as well as true members of the clergy. Allowing married clergy members in would definitely be a step in the right direction. After reading Dan Savage enough I am almost convinced that the only truly safe option would be married, openly gay clergy.
This is also about the deep racism in the catholic church and wider white community. The church sent these pedophiles off to molest little native children, who they thought did not matter and were sub human.
Sundborg's words, his denial can not be taken as fact. That isn't good enough anymore. I hope that when this case goes ahead in the courts the judge will force those records, those "hell files" as they have been referred to, out into the Light of Turth and Justice. Sundborg was the Provincial of the Jesuits and he knew. It is as simple as that.

One of the earliest things he would have done in his role as Provincial would have been to make himself familiar with everything in those files. I don't for a minute believe that he did not know. If he chose not to look at those files he is a fool and should never have been Provincial in the first place and he has no place running a university either.

Having gone to a Catholic grade school, a Jesuit high school, and a Jesuit university, I have a profound appreciation for the Jesuit order. Jesuits have traditionally been considered the most liberal and intellectual of Catholic orders - and my education was nothing short of excellent. I've always admired the Jesuits for their approach to living - they emphasize reflection, discernment, justice, and awareness of the connections between everything. The order has always been in trouble with the papacy for one reason or another; I know Jesuits who speak in support of gay rights, marriage in the priesthood, birth control, etc., etc. I'm extremely disturbed by this story. I'm honestly shocked. If the allegations are true, the biggest problem is at the top of the pyramid. This should not be a reflection on the entire Jesuit community.
@60 America is going bankrupt because of war, and the Jesuits because of rape. Good. And to all you liberals pointing out how progressive and good the Jesuits are, fuck you. These pigs send pedophiles to Alaska for a rape festival and you try to give them a pass with the word “liberal.”
America “liberals” are so fucking stupid and worthless and cowardly.
The northwest jesuits house some strange cats. Sundborg and all his predecessors never gave two hoots about kids being raped by jesuits. They were all on order from the Vatican to ignore the problem and protect the priests. At least now we can understand the way in which all kinds of evils have been allowed on our planet. Jesuits and all their religious cohorts have been performing religious ritual all over the world, and have the village secrets of the confessional. All this while the little ones were being destroyed. Men who facilitate the raping of children are worse than the perps themselves. And they get honored with prestigious titles. Jesus would have millstones around their necks.

Augusta Wynn
#44--As an SU Senior as well, I couldn't agree more.

To the SU alum talking about SU being liberal--so? That is nice and all (and one of the reasons I also came to SU, but it is not Sundborg's doing.)
This is some of the best shit I've read in a wile. How true most of it is. I too graduated SU

But I was in a bad accident right after graduation with a crack pipe and got way lost in a Tequila bottle.

Better than protecting child molesters and more honest than Fr. Steve's attempt at a innocent statement too!

I've been following abuse cases for about seven years now and find this one most interesting. This one seams to be the one, that will open Pandora's box all the way to the pope.

I can't wait to see this judge force Fr Steve into telling the secrets he has been keeping to protect the good church.

Reputation is all he was worried about when he gave his statement. That scares the shark out of me. What is he honestly trying to say. Still believe in me as your CFO, or Principal. Trust is earned not given. Time to earn my trust Fr. Steve.

I think your guilty of hiding a secret. Your only as sick as your deepest secret. So spill the beans Steve. Get Honest!!!!
Good Day Sir and I use sir to be polite. You Enabler
[The Russian Orthodox] do not allow these weirdos in their communities.

Like no married men are pedophiles? Guess again.

Two factors drive pedophiles into the church: celibacy does not deter men who aren't attracted to adult women -- they may think their unattraction is a gift from god, in fact, and men who want to molest children seek positions of trust and authority over them.

As a kid, I read Edwin O'Connor's The Edge of Sadness, about a recovering alcoholic priest who, once rehabilitated, was sent back to serve a poor parish. Later I wondered if alcoholism was actually code for the unspeakable pedophilia.
the jesuit order is the plague of humanity
If ya ask me, the Catholic Church is the way to go! You can do whatever you want, to whomever you want, and all you have to do is say a dozen "Hail Mary"s, a few laps around the Rosary and everythings cool with you & God... you're going to Heaven! Before you hang me in effigy... I'm being sarcastic, if you didn't catch it.
No, Augusta Wynn, Jesus would forgive them and help them heal their sick, twisted minds. We, on the other hand, can condemn them to our hearts' content. Unfortunately for all the poor victims, our condemnation of the sick bastards doesn't help them much. At least we can show them that SOMEONE cares about what happened to them.
If it were up to me, I would say screw the lawsuit... lets line up all the Jesuit pedophiles and let the victims ram large poles up the priest's asses... show them how it feels to be violated. That would only cause trouble though so I guess the lawsuit is the next best thing... I just hate seeing a bunch of ambulance-chasing legal asswipes getting all the money they will be making. Lawyers don't sue because of moral outrage... they sue to make their Escalade and Condo payments. They're almost as bad as the priests!
Reparations should be in order. Somehow!! What a nightmare to be put upon these natives, even the part about the nuns
Sundborg certainly seems to have dodged a bullet during his tenure as leader of the northwest Jesuits. On Wednesday, 1/14/09, the Seattle University Spectator reported:

"Sundborg, who was the provincial for the Jesuits' Oregon Province from 1990 to 1996, called the position the 'greatest privilege' of his life. He said he never dealt with a sexual abuse of a minor case during his time as provincial."…

On the other hand, almost five years ago, Rev. John D. Whitney, S.J. (Sundborg's successor as provincial leader of the Jesuits) wrote this about the Oregon Province:

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice at City University of New York was
given the task of surveying the dioceses of the United States regarding the
number of credible allegations of clergy sexual abuse of minors received
from 1950 to 2002 against priests or deacons (non-ordained ministers and
seminarians were not part of the study)...
Consequently, I have released these numbers to the Jesuits of the Province
and now release them to you, our companions. Though I will also release
these numbers publicly, when asked, it is important to me that their
publication begins with you and not with the media. And so here are the
statistics for the years 1950-2002:

* Number of priests and deacons in the Province: 662
* Number of priests or deacons accused of misconduct: 16
* Number of victims who made allegations: 32
* Amount of money expended: $2,522,848…

It follows that if Sundborg "never dealt with a sexual abuse of a minor case," as the Spectator reports, then none of the cases of misconduct listed above must have been reported from 1990-96, but were only reported from 1950-1989, and then started up again from 1997-2002. How convenient!
i know some Jehovah's Wittnesses who a member of their church molested their daughter. he was sort of like a deacon or something. They went to the man incharge and told him. He had the guy kicked out of the church then went with the parents and girl to help them report it to the cops. People may hate this group of christians, but at least they know how to deal with molestors. they get rid of them and report them to the cops.

a;lot of bad people prey on native kids and women. they come in all colors. they come to the resorvations to take rape and murder. and they walk away scot free because the goverment will not alow the native goverments to prosicute them. The goverment won't do anything to these parasites because the victums are Natives and they do not care.

I am of mixed blood. Why? because goverment sponsered cowards called indian fighters raped one of my grate grate grandmothers. These good Christians attacked women and chidlren. She was only 12 she tried to fight them by kicking at them. they held her legs propted on a log and laid a rifle across then and one jumped on it and broke her legs so she could not fight. when they were done they scalped her and left her and the others for dead.
she lived to see her daughter born and died a day later.

That was in 1810. The goverment is still trying to kill us off. And they have used their religous whores to do it in some of the vicious ways imaginable.

The thing the catholics call their holy mother is really just a filthy whore. and so are her clergy. that is the bottom line.

I know there is abuse in the Catholic Church and most other churches as well as in most organizations that involve children. I have actually encountered it in a parish in Dallas that I lived in. However, I also have evidence that things are not quite squeeky clean on the other side and there is a serious risk of psychologically dysfunctional people cooking up stories of abuse. For example, just recently I encountered a story on the Internet by some person who claimed to have been at a Church run boarding school at the same time as I attended back in the late 1960s. He described horrific sexual abuse and wide spread sexually degenerate behavior by students and priests. I was first surprised when I couldn't actually remember any student by his name at the school at that time and checked the rosters and no such person attended. I also know that the school was a VERY happy and healthy environment and other than a few kids getting up to a few teenage sexual indiscretions which is not really surprising or shocking for a bunch of teenage boys, there was not a whisper or a hint of such sexual deviancy at the school. This guy even described in detail how he was abused in the communal showers....There were no communal showers!!! All the showers were enclosed cubicles. Also we were given strict instuctions about dressing and undressing in changing rooms in a modest and respectful manner. I never encountered a single incident like he described and I am fairly sure his story was a pack of concocted lies. Motive....who knows? But I have a strong suspicion that this guy was being swept along by the hysteria against the Catholic Church in the media and the Internet And while I sympathize with victims who stuggled so much because no one would listen to them, we can't become naive and assume that just because someone tells you something that it must be true. You don't even know whether my story here is true!!!!
Scottie: Molestation of children an act of violence and domination. Celibacy and marriage have nothing to do with causing it. Neither does religion - there are similar reports of victimization of children by community leaders of all religions, including Buddhists.

David0042 replies: This is very true. I have just finished reading about the Juvenile Justice system in the US. Outside of the "family" which is the biggest institution responsible for child abuse, the Juvenile Justice System in the US is estimated to be a close second which leaves the Catholic Church in the dust when it comes to child abuse. The real problem in the US is that if you are kid with the terms "black, poor and criminal record" associated with your name, then God help you, because very few people in middle class white America will and if you are 12 years old and get raped, then you must have done something deserve it. It is incredibly sad what goes on in this country right under our noses and we do nothing to stop it, and then we turn round and start to scream at the head of some Jesuit University since that makes us feel better. We live in a seriously sick society.

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