More Shootings: Man fatally shot in Seattle last night near St. James Cathedral.

Speaking of Guns: The guy who brought his gun into the Southwest Community Center, and was promptly turned away, is suing the City of Seattle and Mayor Nickels.

Easy on the Guns, Heavy on the Pepper-Spray: The 10 year anniversary of the Seattle WTO riots is upon us.

That Was Our Bad: The Secret Service admits their embarrassment at how two uninvited guests made their way to the president at a state dinner.

Does Anything Good Ever Happen in Russia?: A bomb caused an illustrious train to derail on its way from Moscow to St. Petersburg, killing more than 25 and injuring more than 100 others.

A Vagina and a Vagina? No Coverage!: The White House directed a health insurance carrier to defy a court order granting insurance coverage to a lesbian federal employee.

Creating Jobs and World Peace: Afghan tribal leaders pushed to encourage Taliban members to quit and come work on development projects.

The Governator Vs. the IRS: Schwarzenegger said to owe the IRS $79,000.

Because This Is What America Stands For, Right?: Two teenage Afghan boys say there were subjected to abusive treatment while being held at Bagram air base.

Play It Safe With Golf: Tiger Woods injured after striking a fire hydrant, then a tree, while pulling out of his driveway.

Running a Thanksgiving Race or Being Governor...It's All the Same: Sarah Palin quits Turkey Trot in order to avoid the crowds.

Oh, Fuck Me...: Unpaid internships on the rise due to them!

Sharks Wearing Top Hats...Sweet!:


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