Wait, taxing gum didn't fix the problem? Governor Gregoire calls 7-day special session of legislature to patch $2.8 billion budget hole.

Cherchez la femme: Another American woman Islamic convert arrested in plot to kill Swedish Cartoonist.

Iraqi election control board: Maliki leading in 5 of 18 Iraqi provinces, including Baghdad.

Gee, there's a surprise: Vatican mad about attempts to link Pope Benedict to German sex abuse scandal.

Staycation: Obama's trip to Guam, Australia and Indonesia delayed to oversee health care vote.

Still Alive: Henry Kissinger hospitalized in South Korea with stomach virus.

Still Dead: Corey Haim's death possibly linked to crime ring involving stolen prescription pads.

But what if I'm mugged by ducks? Seattle's gun ban in parks still on hold, city likely to appeal.

You mean they have duties other than fining Howard Stern? FCC submitting 10-year high speed internet plan to Congress on Tuesday.

I blame Stephenie Meyer: Downtown Seattle pipe bomb scare yesterday caused by man claiming to be "vampire" and "space cowboy".