International District/Wed May 5/12:13 am: Officer Drew Fowler reports: "I responded to the report of a strong-arm robbery at Fourth Avenue. The victim/complainant at that location was coming home when the robbery occurred. After walking up the stairs to the second floor where he lives, he met a heavyset black male who was sitting at the top of the stairs. When the victim tried to walk around the B/M, he was attacked. The victim was kicked as well as hit multiple times about the head and body. The blows sent him tumbling down the stairs.

"At the bottom of the stairs, the suspect took his wallet and cell phone. Approximately $110 cash and credit cards were in his wallet. Victim located his cell phone after the incident in the lobby of the apartment complex. The only description he could provide me of the suspect was: a heavyset B/M. I asked him for further detail, but he was unable to give me any additional descriptors. He said he would recognize the man if he saw him again. I asked the victim if he needed any medical attention. He declined."

There are few experiences more awful than falling down stairs. When one no longer masters the order of the steps, everything erupts into chaos. As you fall, the steps seem to come alive and toss you about like a doll or ball. Your hands and feet are as useless as your stomach, back, and head. Only the ground floor stops this seriously dangerous tossing and falling. And if you are lucky enough to find yourself alive, you next wonder if you are lucky enough to ever walk again.

North Seattle/Mon May 17/5:19 pm: Officer Roger Whitlock reports: "She stated that she was unloading her vehicle in the parking garage on the south side of her apartment building. She said she felt an electric current on the right side of her neck and then she was pushed down into the trunk area of her vehicle. She then stated that an unknown black male grabbed her purse and walked toward an Asian female just east of her apartment complex. She said they both got into a gray or dark silver sedan. She said neither of the suspects got into the driver's door, so she believes the vehicle was driven by a third person. The vehicle was last seen traveling eastbound. She described the black male as in his late teens, medium build, five feet five, and wearing a white T-shirt. She stated that she didn't get a very good look at the second suspect but believed she was a teenage Asian female."

The report goes on, but it does not answer the question that's in all of our minds: What did the suspect use to shock the victim's neck? recommended