Three strikes (of the match), you're out: After his seventh arson conviction, Greenwood arsonist gets 30 years in prison.

Good news from Africa: Jailed gay couple in Malawi pardoned and are about to be released, probably as result of UK and US pressure and threats to curtail foreign aid.

Or Governor Jindal could call in an exorcist: Day 40 of oil leak, and day two of seeing if the "Top Kill" plan to plug hole is working.

Whoops: Report says remote operators of predator drones accidentally killed 23 Afghani civilians by mis-identifying insurgent activity.

And we lived happily ever after in an economic utopia: House passes bills to extend unemployment benefits and eliminate tax breaks for hedge funds.

No girls allowed: Non-mainstream Catholic-esque organization ordains Olympia woman as state's first female priest, despite excommunications from Vatican likely to result.

Yum! Raw milk from Whatcom County dairy may be responsible for two cases of E. coli infection.

Eyjafjallajökull 2: Hot lava boogaloo: Two volcanos, Pacaya in Guatemala, and Tungurahua in Ecuador, have erupted and are causing thousands to flee.

Soon to be the name of a metal band: British suspect in deaths of multiple prostitutes dubs himself the "Crossbow cannibal".

I'm not watching if Montenegro isn't participating: The latest victim of the European financial crisis is the annual Eurovision song contest.

What you talkin' about, Broadway? Death of Gary Coleman means content changes for Tony award winning musical "Avenue Q".