I don't know how any pregnant woman could foolishly offer her womb up to the hands of science and risk permanently damaging her child. I pity the innocent.
..Posted by Cory on June 29, 2010

did you vaccinate your child, dumb sheet?
what does the world need with homo's anyway? the only purpose they serve is to piss everyone off. make them take the drug,or spay or neuter them and send them to antartica until they are cured.
dictionary of pride:

black pride: solidarity
white pride: hate
gay pride: pride in the fact that you hump (or get humped) boys up the bungholio

seriously - that's what it's all about - gay anal sex
what's to be proud about that
gay anal sex is:
- disgusting
- dangerous (e.g. blowouts)
- unhealthy (fecal matter, etc.)

seriously, this is nothing to march in a parade about

i'm not homophobic

it's just that the thought of 1 man buggering another is just DISGUSTING

look, it's a poop shoot, not a vagina

get real

"I'm all for gay rights, but if I could ensure my future children wouldn't be gay, sure I would do it." so if you're all for gay rights, why not just let your children be whoever they naturally are without trying to mess with their sexuality?

"i'm not homophobic it's just that the thought of 1 man buggering another is just DISGUSTING" well I'm sorry but that sounds like homophobia to me. I find the thought of what some heterosexual couples get up to in bed disgusting as well, but I'm not disputing that they have the right to do it.

it's not "all about" gay anal sex, it's about being in love with someone and not being made to feel like that love is inferior to the love that anybody else feels. i'm a gay woman, and gay pride for me doesn't mean "pride in the fact that you hump (or get humped) boys up the bungholio". it's about being proud of who you are and who you're attracted to. it's about feeling like non-heterosexual people are worth the same as heterosexual people. and as you're "all for gay rights", I'm sure you can understand that.
I hate to say it, but gays and lesbians refused to find common grounds with recreational drug users, all of whom have a prevailing interest in keeping the state out of the business of controlling their private lives. Now that all the harmless drug users are locked up to create the world's biggest prison system in human history, you find yourselves lacking in broad based support. Gee wonder why? You might want to reread Pastor Niemoehller's words from the Nazi days of Germany to see where this is all heading...
I look forward to the day when biological defects like homosexuality can be eliminated through the use of medications. I believe that every child should have the opportunity for a normal life, and debilitating abnormalities like homosexuality lead to untold misery.
So no more Elena Kagans, no more Donna Shalalas, no more Martina Navratilovas, no more k.d. langs, no more Constance McMillens—because all women must grow up to suck dick, crank out babies, and do women's work.
Sounds like a good idea to me. But we blinkered dhimmis and goy cattle will be under Sharia law before this can take place. The health care system will be so bankrupt by that time that abortion or the gallows will be the only choices.
Sue Donim
The past few days of comments have made me utterly lose faith in humanity.
We really are a filthy, disgusting species. Why? Because we are the only species capable of irrational hatred (as evidenced by the massive amounts of homophobic trolls who have posted lately).
all women like it in the butt
"All women must grow up to suck dick, crank out babies, and do women's work.

Is that all a heterosexual woman is to you? Do you need a list of all the non gay women in hsitory and waht they contributed to society? I think YOU are the sick one if you think that all women who are not gay are just useless baby makers. Your MOM is one. "

You seriously expect women with CAH to forego a treatment that could save their child from a life-threatening condition (and CAH is exactly that!) because as a side effect the treatment could prevent a female child from becoming a lesbian?

If I were pregnant with the risk of having a child with severe CAH, I could't care less about my child's future sexual orientation. But I'd care about my child not dying from salt wasting shortly after birth, I'd care about my child not having lifelong problems from insufficient cortisol levels and other hormone imbalances and yes, I'd also care about my daughter not having to cope with ambiguous genitalia and about her being able to have children if she wants them. In short: I'd care about my child not to have CAH and if I had to adjust my own CAH treatment accordingly I'd do it in a heartbeat. As a woman with CAH and with a partner who is a carrier, I wouldn't even dream of attempting to get pregnant if there wasn't the option of prenatal treatment.
The heterophobia in this article is toxic.

The point that strains New's credibility and exposes her glaring lack of ethics is revealed by her comment about being able to answer the question of the treatment's long range effects when the babies treated reach sexual maturity. She says it's safe and effective, even though she doesn't know what, how or to what extent it is effective (or damaging), and in contradiction of the empirical literature on neurological damage shown among infants treated prenatally. For that alone, her authority to advise unsuspecting parents must be revoked. Never mind the eugenics aspects. The parents' focus seems to be on birthing the perfect baby, but New's disingenuity leaves those consulted parents misinformed about the liklihood of ending up with a human being worse off than had fetal manipulation not been applied.
Kevbo, #203
You are absolutely, unequivocally homophobic. It's merely a measure of your ignorance about the issue that proves it. You presume to define the entire subject on a narrow, black-and-white aspect which you find displeasing and of which you know nothing. Your point of view alone is comprehensively disprovable:
(1) There are many same sex couples who do not engage in anal sex whatsoever.
(2) Men who engage in anal penetration often prepare themselves hygenically for this activity, thereby mooting your concern about anal sex being unhealthy.
(3) There are many gay and bisexual men who engage exclusively in fellatio. (Some of my best friends are cock suckers, and they're good at it. If you've never expereience a really good fellatist, it's your own damned fault. You have only your attitude to blame.)
(4) You completely ignore female homosexual persons.

Your definitions of pride are simplistic and would be laughable were it not apparent that you are convinced of their accuracy. Considering that every objection to homosexuality is directly tracable to direct or indirect religious indoctrination, People who hold such unrealistic and irrational opinions would do well to examine why they feel as they do. Your opinion is based on fear of an alternative to what you've been taught, and lack of information that would challenge your indoctrination. Like it or not, you are factually and intellectually enslaved and controlled, and you fear anybody or anything that is not similarly manipulated.

There is nothing that says I or anybody else have to enable you in your magical thinking. Aside from all the other twisted busy bodies whose opinions you parrot, you're on your own. How scared would you be, then, without all your enablers and all the strength in numbers?

It is this need to control the innocent that gives rise to the mindset that makes it alright to experiment on an unsuspecting if potentially imperfect fetus. Now, THAT's the abomination. In emotional terms I'm sure you'll more likely relate with, you who would do that are monsters.
Once science figures out how gay babies are made, bible-thumpers will declare abortion of same a sacred duty.

Beyond pathetic, this is evil.
Funny, how homosexuality is supposed to be "natural", when there is a higher percentage of diseases (mostly of the sexual variety, due to the nature of anal intercourse, as well as the high rate of promiscuity of most homosexuals) as well as higher rates of suicide, drug use, higher rates of mental illness, domestic abuse as well as higher divorce rates among same sex couples.

This is true even for places like the Netherlands, where homosexuality and gay marriage have been accepted longer than most other places, which rules out the argument that it is society, not the nature of homosexuality, is the sole cause of the dysfunction in relationships . As Kevbo, #203 said in his comment "It's a poopchute, not a vagina". The human body was not designed for sodomy, it has no real sexual purpose (to make babies) and caused nothing but damage and injury, yet we're forced to accept that this is completely natural and normal.

You don't need to be a scientist to figure out that homosexuality is not natural or harmless, as most activists want us to believe.

I'm a married, working mother. I never played with dolls. I was a tomboy all my life, and that didn't stop me from wanting to have children.

This woman's ideas on gender roles and women are already flawed right from the get-go. She assumes that women in 'masculine' roles don't have an interest in 'feminine' things.

I wonder what would have happened in Greece if she'd of walked up to the Amazons and told them that s-ite.
My husband and I have been TTC for the last 6 months. Should I get excited or wait a few more days before testing again? I took an EPT that shows it can predict your pregnancy up to 6 days before a missed period.
Pregnancy week by week
I can safely say that it's a very good thing I'm not reproducing. With idiots like Maria New coming up with this crap, I'm afraid to.
Absolutely it is ethical for parents to want to prevent giving birth to homosexual children, and it is ethical for doctors to try to assist them in attaining that perfectly ethical goal. The particular drug being discussed in this instance may not be "benign", in the words of the PC-brainwashed pseudo-ethicist Alice Dreger, but we all can see that it isn't a safety issue that motivates Dreger. No, what bothers her and other PC-brainwashed "multi-cultis" is that homosexuality might be preventable, and because homosexuality is seen as a "protected culture" by PC-brainwashed multi-cultis, they're aghast.

Really, a couple wanting to take steps to avoid giving birth to a homosexual child is no different than undertaking steps to prevent or reverse any other birth defect.
This is absolutely disgusting... highlight drugs that can be used during pregnancy to aid the babies growth but this is definitely not one of them.

Am I not the only one to find this sort of science insulting to free will?
Am I not the only one to find this absolute rediculas?

Http:// highlights a bunch of drugs you can use during pregnancy but this definitely isn't one of them.

I find this incredibly insulting the the idea of freewill
not so good for me...

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