Fourth Police Shooting in Past Week: Three police officers in West Seattle shot a 59 year old man who had been described as suicidal after the man allegedly pointed an AK-47 at the officers. The man was taken to Harborview Medical center, but his condition is unknown.

Alleged Park Flasher Caught: A 70 year old Bothell man with a history of indecent exposure was arrested and is being held in King County jail. The man was found thanks to the quick thinking of one of his victims, who snapped a cell phone picture of the dirty deed.

Body of Mountain Climber Found: After a five day search, the body of experienced mountain climber and son of boxing promoter Bob Arum was found on Storm King Mountain.

Earthquake in New Zealand: A 7.1 magnitude quake strikes Canterbury early Saturday morning. Significant property damage is reported, but casualties appear to be minimal.

About That War We Just Wrapped Up: The New York Times reports that Blackwater Worldwide created over 30 shell companies to soak up lucrative government contracts.

You're Not Helping: As talks between Israelis and Palestinians continue, Hamas vows to attack more settlers. According to a Hamas spokesman, settlers are a "legitimate target" and the peace talks are a "media circus."

UPS Plane Crashes: First fatal accident for the package delivery company. Still no word on the whereabouts of Tom Hanks.

Miami Airport Reopened, Plague Smuggling Doctor Questioned and Released: Dr. Thomas C. Butler was returning from Saudi Arabia when a suspicious item in his luggage caused authorities to evacuate four airport terminals for nearly seven hours. Dr. Butler was arrested in 2003 and charged with smuggling and improperly transporting plague samples.