No Love for Dino: Sen. Maria Cantwell doesn't have much money in the bank, but still looks to face an easy reelection in 2012. Sad: Dino Rossi is not mentioned as one of the GOP contenders. Happy: Dave "Man with the Screaming Brain" Reichert is!

Unsurprised: Steroid use is increasing in the macho culture that is the U.S. military. Joint Base Lewis-McChord witnessed a major bust in 2009. The thought of roided-out guys with guns and tanks makes roided-out baseball players seem so quaint.

Fund for the Needy Launches: The Seattle Times kicked off their 32nd annual charity fundraiser today. They raised over $800,000 last year.

Black Friday Now an International Holiday: Bellingham is expecting so many Canadian shoppers that hotels are offering special discounts to get them to stay over night. Note to British Columbia: this is why governments in border areas shouldn't deceptively pass an unpopular new tax...and also because said tax makes my restaurant bills in Vancouver higher.

How to Not Accomplish Your Goal: If you want state prison funding boosted, then going after helping inmates with life sentences get high school diplomas is not going to endear me to your cause.

The Tax Man: The IRS still owes 851 people in King County roughly $1 million in refunds from 2009. Don't let them have undeserved money. Please check and see if you are on the list.

Making Me Puke: Humanist-in-chief Obama says the TSA's new scanners and pat-downs are "necessary." Then how about you get a scan before every flight on Air Force One, pal? Somewhere, Michael Chertoff is laughing maniacally and counting the millions of dollars he made because one fool with a bomb in his underwear managed to get on a plane.

Terrorists Win: The recently foiled cargo plane bomb plot cost just $4,200. If you were an economically-minded jihadi, wouldn't spending that amount of money just to watch the world's debt-ridden superpower strangle its economy more and overreact with billions in anti-terror spending make sense to you?

Labour Fesses Up: The tastefully-named Ed Balls, a top official in Britain's Labour Party, admitted they pushed too far on civil liberties when they were in power. Part of me likes his honesty. But another part of me just gets angrier since the guy simultaneously defended supposedly anti-crime CCTV cameras because they are "popular."

Not Again: The Irish government admitted that they will seek a bailout later today. Potato famines, civil wars, economic collapses—maybe it's time to reevaluate the phrase "luck of the Irish."