Difference of Opinions: Mayor McGinn and public safety committee chair Tim Burgess said they would welcome the federal civil rights probe into SPD affairs being called for by the ACLU and their allies. Predictably, Rich O'Neill, president of the Police Officers' Guild, called the request "grandstanding." STFU, dude.

Welcome to the Real World: Under a tentative deal, state workers would have to pay fifteen percent of their healthcare premiums, up from twelve percent. Governor Gregoire had wanted to push employee contributions up to twenty-six percent. I just want to be sure my liquor control agents have a sensible healthcare plan behind them for when they do dangerous things like prescreen gay porn films for bars.

Shit is About to Get Real: Marysville and Mukilteo will crown their new Pokemon champions this weekend. Bonus: the middle-aged man playing a kid in their photo looks a little bit like Richard Conlin. So that's why King Conlin couldn't attend the tunnel forum!

Hooray, Food!: Ninety-five percent of UFCW 21 voting workers approved their new contract with the Big Four chains. It was only a month ago that ninety-four percent of them voted against another contract proposal. Outside of Islom Karimov's reelection campaigns, the world rarely sees such lopsided tallies.

He's Back: The state has relicensed an osteopathic doctor who thought "satellites were affecting his brain waves." The guy cited The Men Who Stare at Goats in the investigation that led to his suspension. That fucking movie, guy?

Cop Killer: The Times got their hands on a whole heap of heavily redacted documents related to the suspected murderer of Officer Tim Brenton.

So That's What It's Called: President Obama visited Afghanistan to tell the troops they are making "progress." Clearly, there is nothing else our brave leader could have called the spectacle of Americans paying billions of dollars for American teenagers to continue dying and killing innocents in a pointless war that benefits a paranoid election-stealer and his dope baron half-brother.

Again?: Another TU-154 jet experienced engine failure after takeoff in Moscow and broke apart in an emergency landing. Two are dead so far. The TU-154 has been involved in a series of crashes, including the one that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Time for other Russian airlines to follow Aeroflot's lead and put them out of service.

Stealin' Our Jobs: The top candidate to head California's stem cell research institute was disqualified...for being Canadian. How does this sort of xenophobic stupidity help anyone?

The True North Strong and FREE: Canadian courts are rethinking their country's prohibition on polygamy. Revisiting an outdated law based in religious prejudice—what a novel idea!