More Bad Cheese News: Sally Jackson Cheeses, an artisanal outfit in Okanogan County, launched a recall on Friday in response to E. coli illnesses. My mind is already spinning as I wonder what new regulation this will inspire in some kneejerker in Olympia.

Budget Protests Begin: People picketed the Department of Social and Health Services in Vancouver, angry over a reduction in home support specialists. And what do you know, some of the protesters were state workers who stand to lose their jobs!

"The Nigerian Scam Made Me Do It:" A judge sentenced a Vancouver man to 43 months behind bars on a raft of fraud charges. The guy claimed he did it because he lost $80k to a Nigerian scammer. This isn't 1999 anymore, dude.

Inside Seattle's Newest Strip Club: The much-anticipated Jiggles in the U-District is now open. Predictably, they are not selling booze because they don't want to deal with the Liquor Control Board.

One Makes Twenty: Ageless goalkeeping legend Kasey Keller has signed on for one more year with Sounders FC. Next year will be his twentieth and last as a pro.

You're Doing it Wrong: Defraud your insurance provider out of $30k in supposedly stolen ties once, shame on them. Try to defraud them again for $35k in supposedly stolen replacement ties six months later, you are an imbecile. A Lynnwood man did exactly that and will now be entered into a diversion program.

The Eyman Effect: With new restrictions on their ability to raise taxes, legislators look more likely to raise additional funds this year through user fees. Mentioned in this story are park entry fees and sporting licenses. The only problem with those kinds of user fees is that they presuppose the state has some sort of ownership right to lands and natural resources.

Blessing in Disguise: A lot of Canadians got butthurt after they failed to read anything more than the provocative headline ("Too Asian?") of an article in their big magazine of record, MacLean's. Now, a senator wants to revoke the mag's public funding contribution. Sounds great to me—give up $1.5 million and never have to be a client of the state again.

"I've Got This:" The likely election-stealing president of Ivory Coast has ordered UN peacekeepers and French troops out of his country. He claims they are interfering. Just let there not be bloodshed.

Paging Charles Mudede: Amanda Knox is in the news again, asking to review the forensic evidence that helped convict her.