The Real Face of Government: Vancouver council members voted against making themselves pay part of their own health premiums. And they weren't even brave little greedheads about it, instead questioning their own powers to handle the issue at all.

Shrinking the American Dream: An Oregon man who builds recession-chic micro-cabins wants to create a subdivision of them. The homes range in size from 144 to 800 square feet. Of course, this will necessitate more sprawl.

The Beat Goes On: The litany of woes with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner project continues to grow. It is now three years past due, needs a ton of fixes, and might not even get licensed for the lucrative transcontinental routes. Drink too long of the bitter milk of Leviathan's teat and this is what happens.

Humanizing the Housing Crisis: ProPublica and the Seattle Times analyzed a large sample of foreclosures and now share the personal stories behind them. It's interesting that Seattle's crisis tends to be characterized by a much higher rate of refinancing.

Not Just Seattle: Spokane residents are questioning local police brutality, too. Here's hoping any guilty cops pay and not just get paid with administrative leave.

The Parallel Economic Reality: As real people have lost jobs and benefits by the ton, and even some government workers have, too, a wide swath of Tacoma city employees have gotten fat raises. Good—this just gives us another reason to fire them all.

The Good Side: If you haven't heard of the Atlantic Street Center, read this profile. Sounds like a hell of a noble place.

Infuriating: Mitch McConnell says he cannot support the new version of the START nuclear arms control pact because politicians haven't had enough time to consider it. GTFO, you cynical old dough-face—this is way too serious for dicking around.

Oh Well: Bank of America will no longer process payments for WikiLeaks. That next bailout isn't going to fund itself.

Ick Spreads North of the Border: Craigslist appears to have removed prostitution ads from its Canadian pages. As soon as Senator-elect Dick Blumenthal bullied Craigslist into doing it for the U.S. this summer, a legion of admiring opportunists in Canada's political classes launched the offensive up there. Sad to see a pro-prostitute, pro-freedom service fall victim to cynical politicians.