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That dude is 20?!? He looks much older.
I wonder how often the AZ police check his papers.
This is all part of the gay agenda. Dan Savage knows what I'm talking about......
The Anti-Luby

In truth though, this guy is definitely worthy of some praise. In situations like that, it's much more common for everyone to expect that someone else will do something, which typically ends up with nobody doing anything.
Oh he is just a trifecta of things guaranteed to make a Teabagger's head explode isn't he?
No surprise that a lot of gay people are wonderful and hop into it when an emergency or crisis occurs. We've had plenty o' experience, no?

Get well soon, Rep. Gifford. Condolences to the families.
Giffords (pardon)

Just, WOW!!

He is almost as big an American Hero as Pfc Bradley Manning!!

wonder how he'd look in a uniform.......
@8: That's exactly what I was thinking about!
why is this person sexual preference and nationality even a factor here

he's a hero.
Shutter to think I am ever in a similar situation, but I hope that someone like Daniel Hernandez is there to help me. All my best wishes to you, Daniel.

And thank you too Patricia Maisch for stopping Loughner from loading a new clip into his gun.

Rest In Peace Christina, Dorwan, Phyllis, Gabe, Dorothy and Judge Roll. My condolences to all families involved.
but his actions make him sound like a typical american conservative - decisive, brave, and heroic. whereas the shooter smoked the schedule 1 narcotic marijuana, so he seems like a liberal lunatic. what is a dumbfuck FoxNews watcher to think?
Aaaaaaaand my point is proved before we are ten posts in. Troll head go BOOM!
Dan, you seen this?…

I'm sure the Right will erupt momentarily over the evils of such a law.
don't forget "morbidly obese", dan. honestly, how are these things relevant? i can see making a big deal about his age, because his even-keeled response was somewhat surprising for a kid his age. but there's no reason we should be surprised or delighted or puzzled or grumpy or even curious about his race/sexuality/size.

part of building a society that thinks homosexuality is no big deal is occasionally acknowledging that a specific person's homosexuality is no big deal.
I heard that he's also a former nurse. Although I have no idea how one could be a former nurse at 20.
@17 He took some nurse's aid classes in high school.
Twenty years old, Hispanic, gay, and HAWT!
Just shows that there are heroes of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and gender identities/sexual orientations.
What a fat slob, a shame.

Why couldn't he be a handsome lean gay intern...
How long until some asshole on the right makes a "joke" that it was god's plan for the fag to get shot?
"twenty years old, Hispanic, and gay."

...and a Pit Bull.
Way to go, Hernandez! True hero indeed.
He can save my life anytime, and by save I mean fuck, and by my life I mean my ass.
@ 11 - It's not his nationality, it's his ethnicity. And yes, it's worth mentioning, because he's exactly what those who opposed the DADT repeal (and homophobes in general) think gay people aren't. You don't need to turn him into a standard bearer for the cause, but you can use his story as an example.

@ 25 Let's take turns. And I hope I can "save" his "life" too.
From #15's linked article: "Democratic Rep. Bob Brady’s office has announced he will be introducing legislation making it a federal crime to threaten or incite violence against a member of Congress or a federal official" Isn't it already a crime to threaten violence against or incite violence against, er, anyone?
Also, isn't that potentially problematic? If it's illegal to threaten violence against a federal official, how are the police supposed to arrest them when they do illegal things? "Stop or I'll be very disappointed in you"? They're rather prone to abuses of power.
@ 26 We don't all like lean, and I'll take "manly" over "handsome" anyday. (over "racist", too)
Addendum to 27 - I forgot to add that he's also everything that the racist right says Latinos aren't.
how does one get the disgusting commentator IgorM banned from posting on this site? I'm fine with the trolls but post #26 is really outrageous
@echovic: Welcome to the internet.
@ 32 Just imagine "IgorM" as Frankenstein's hunchback assistant (there must be a reason why he chose that avatar, after all!) and then he's no longer outrageous, merely pathetic.
And the person that tackled the shooter was a woman...
i'm sorry guys, to use the 'n' word as an epithet and for it to be treated as normal doesn't really work. And he may be pathetic, but so is Guiffords' shooter.
@echovic? Who's treating it as normal? I don't think anyone here said they supported it. I think the sentiments expressed are abhorrent, and I suspect most readers would agree.

However, my feelings on it are that
a) the anonymity the internet affords leads people to say offensive things, often for the sole purpose of offending others, and
b) censorship is a slippery slope.
I would like to point out that the man that finally tackled Loughnan (or whatever his name was) was a gunowner who had a concealed handgun (and permit).

Give everyone equal credit.
"How long until some asshole on the right makes a "joke" that it was god's plan for the fag to get shot?"

Looks like you just beat 'em to it, and then that would make you the asshole. Asshole.
@ 37 The mere fact that he used the N word to describe this guy's nose, so typical among people with native roots (at least in Mexico and Central America), shows us just intelligent IgorM is. Personally, I'd say he's about as bright as a small appliance bulb. So... do you really want to spend some time fighting windmills?
LOL, it's pathetic how people force themselves to like someone whom they would never otherwise like.

That fact that this man is ugly, fat, short, and nigger-nosed all goes away I guess.

There is a reason why people don't like Mexicans, it's because they are frigging ugly, slobby and greasy.
@ 41 What's really pathetic is how you can believe that everybody should share your tastes in men... and your racist views.

@11 - Because a lot of Arizona (and a lot of America) is anti-gay and anti-anyone who might be an immigrant.
@38 Dude must have been from another state then. Arizona doesn't require conceal carry permits. Anyone who can legally posess a firearm can conceal it. I guess they figure that nutjobs don't follow the law anyway, so why bother with the whole permit thing?
@38: "I would like to point out that the man that finally tackled Loughnan (or whatever his name was) was a gunowner who had a concealed handgun (and permit)."

I would like to point out that none of the people who eventually stopped and apprehended the gunman appear to have used or needed a gun to do so.

"none of the people who eventually stopped and apprehended the gunman appear to have used or needed a gun to do so."

So you don't think a gun would have come in handy to take this guy down? He shot 19 people before being subdued without use of weapons!

Not that there aren't very good arguments for gun control. Yours just isn't one of them.
@ 15:

"I'm sure the Right will erupt momentarily over the evils of such a law."

As will the ACLU, as soon as the law (assuming it passes) is enforced in an overly broad manner; which it likely will be.
@47: I believe that the self-defense argument in favour of liberal gun laws is specious. Arizona has extremely liberal laws on gun ownership, registration, and carry. All these laws seem to have done in this case was to make it easy for the gunman to arm himself. No one on the scene used a gun to stop him - even though there were, apparently, guns present.
@8 FTW.

"@47: I believe that the self-defense argument in favour of liberal gun laws is specious."

As a general principle, I agree. Your guns are far more likely to kill your loved ones or you than an armed attacker. My problem with your post @46 was that you applied a solid general principle (we'd probably a safer nation if we had strict gun control laws) to one of the rare specific situations in which things probably would have been safer if everyone had been armed. I don't think tragic anomalies like this are a good argument to have an armed populace because in the big picture, more people would end up getting shot if everyone were armed all the time. I think we agree on this.

"No one on the scene used a gun to stop him - even though there were, apparently, guns present."

Guns plural? Or one person with a gun? Do we know whether the armed good guy(s) ever had a clean shot at the bad guy? If not, his/their decision not to shoot shows his/their good judgment, but is not an argument against the benefits of being armed when under attack by a person who is firing a gun. I would want to have a gun in that situation, BB. Wouldn't you (not that this alone is a valid reason to actually allow us to walk around with guns)?

On a side note: do we know for sure if the shooter was "armed" at the point of takedown? Was he out of bullets and pausing to reload?
so what if he was a gay mexican, this was the most staged shooting of a politician to enact gun control laws since the reagan- brady shooting in the 80's? i cant remember fer sure when because if you remember the 80's you weren't there. fake set up? oh yeah . just like big ron was shot in the heart through his bullet proof vest with a .22 and lived, which led to the ban on assault rifles and hi cap 9mm pistols? none of which was involved in the shooting. then today they trot out that old horse of a woman to yell about the banning of hand guns. of course obama has been trying to ban all guns since his election to office, he even went so far as to try and sign gun rights away in the u.n. charter a while back. now we have a congress woman shot through the head, still alive?! save by a gay , mexican , illegal immigrant in arizona. i couldn't have made that up better myself, fantastic fantasy work by the left. i'm on pins and needles waiting to see how this plays out.
@ 52 you so deserve to call yourself Eric Cartman.
@52, SEATAC? that explains you.
Also see…
Oliver Sipple, gay former Marine, saves the life of Gerald Ford, and no one mentioned he was gay till much later
Care to list off all the brilliant inventions that gay mexicans are responsible for?
@57: I can't think of any off the top of my head, but if you dissociate those two descriptors from each other...
Alan Turing, a gay man, pioneered the computer. His work on the COLOSSUS allowed the Allies to break the German ENIGMA encryption, largely thought to be unbreakable. Without Turing, there's a respectably higher chance that we'd all be speaking Kraut.
Chris Hughes, a gay man, was one of the founders of Facebook.
Alfred Kinsey, the famous biologist and sexologist, was gay as well.
There's substantial evidence that Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most celebrated inventors in history, may have been gay or bi.
Ric Weiland, a gay man, was a programmer who helped pioneer and revolutionize computer software.
Luis Miramontes, a Mexican, invented the hormonal birth control pill.
Guillermo González Camarena, another Mexican, developed an early form of color television.
Juan Lozano invented a working H2O2-fueled jetpack. Enough said.
@ 57 I don't care about brilliant inventions, but there's one thing I know: gay Mexicans are responsible for the best sex I've had in my life. Maybe you should try it.
@39: "Looks like you just beat 'em to it, and then that would make you the asshole. Asshole."

That's like me saying "how long until someone tells a knock-knock joke?" and your reply being "you just did." Are you really so lacking in intelligence that you are incapable of grasping the distinction between referencing a joke and telling one? Based on your response, I suspect the answer is "yes."

@57 How can you be so close to yourself without vomiting constantly?
thank you, venomlash. Ric Weiland and i served on the Pride Foundation's investment committee. he was instrumental in filing a shareholder resolution to add sexual orientation to General Electric's non-discrimination policy. the resolution got a pretty good percentage of yes votes, and after meeting with Ric and other committee members, GE did indeed change the policy. it could not have been done without Ric's dedication and hard work. he is greatly missed.

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