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The Landlord situation is getting out of hand. When I was looking for places last spring it was astounding how many little ratholes are being offered as livable spaces.
Hard to imagine that after several mayors who pushed the building of high priced condos and townhouses at the cost of decent and affordable rental units that we are left with people having to live in slums. Well, if you can afford $1200 a month you can have someplace nice to live..

Who could have imagined that this could be the result?
I had no idea that me & Wayne had the same bday!
Hey Mr. Coyne, they end 4.5 billion lightyears away in all directions. Sure, it's no "we don't know how the tides work" but c'mon.
Diminishing Values? I'm afraid that is quite Impossible. We all know that Seattle is a "superstar city"!…
Interesting collection of comments on the evictions and complaints article.
Despite our the veiw of many that this is a liberal city, the loss of affordable apartments to make way for condo's shows the complete opposite.
@2 and 6,

San Francisco has rent control and the lack of development (read: tearing down of existing buildings to build larger ones) that accompanies it, and it still has some of the most expensive rent in the country.
I hate it when they add the year of birth to the birthday shout-out...I prefer to think of everyone as 29. I despise mortality awareness through numbers.
Well, now I know why I've had the F.Lips playing in my head all day........

HBD WAYNE!! And robotbutler!!

@7, sure, but how does SF do regarding subsidized housing? How have they done in regards to keeping their affordable housing?
Seriously, I don't know, want to know, and think it adds some needed context to this issue.
Huh. For some reason, I always assumed the Flaming Lips was a chick band. Or that their lead singer was a woman, anyway.

This comment greatly improves the discourse, I know.

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