Slowly rebuilding: The Tucson grocery store where last week's shooting took place reopens today. In other good news, Gabby Giffords continues to improve.

Coup update: In the wake of riots and Tunisian President Ben Ali's departure, power has already changed hands twice - Tunisia's prime minister ceded control to the Tunisian parliament today.

This seems like a good idea: BP and Russia are teaming up in an Arctic oil deal to explore and exploit oil deposits in Russia's Arctic shelf. This should work out well.

The government is keeping a tab on you: The federal government is billing the states for $1.3 billion in interest, complete with individual payment plans for big spenders like Michigan.

The more you know: The latest scheme to fix Seattle transit and state poverty — raising or lowering parking prices based on neighborhood density — takes a credibility hit from Seattle City Council member Tom Rasmussen. Research. It's a thing.

Protecting the homeless from hate crimes: A proposed state senate bill would increase penalties for crimes against the homeless.

Steep sentence in South Seattle attack: A King County judge has sentenced Solomon Thompson to 20 years in prison for attacking 2 South Seattle women in July.

Happy birthday, Martin Luther King!

Come on, a ram totally beats some lame fish: And finally, the nationwide existential crisis spurred on by the reconfiguration of the Zodiac continues. Who are we? Some astrologers have some ideas.

And this guy has a dance routine.