Life Goes On: Organs of youngest victim of Arizona massacre donated to a young girl in Boston.

Breathing on Her Own: Rep. Giffords, whose medical status has been upgraded from critical to serious.

Seahawks: Clobbered by Bears.

Problematic Water: Flooding and mudslides in Western Washington.

Feet Don't Kill People, People with Feet Kill People (Also, This is Tragic): Stampede kills 100 in southern India.

RIP Superman's Mom: Actress Susannah York dies at age 72.

Holy Ghost: Playwright Romulus Linney is also dead.

Creepy: "Federal authorities say a northwest Washington dairy sold cows for slaughter despite drug residues not approved for human consumption," reports KIRO.

Oprah Says: "Beloved box-office failure made me eat 30 pounds of mac and cheese."

Golden Globe Winners: Natalie Portman, Chris Colfer, and The Social Network.

Finally, happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you all. Here's the man performing his greatest hit, in full.