Mid-East Protesters Update: Progress in Bahrain. Bloodshed in Libya.

Seattle Demonstrations Part Two: One hundred protesters hit the streets again last night to demonstrate against police brutality. Minor skirmishes with police occurred.

Which one is the bigger menace on the high seas? Somali pirates or old folks on Bible mission.

Federal rail funds now up for grabs. Florida Gov. rejects federal money to build high speed rail linking Tampa and Orlando. Wants to “get Floridians back to work”—just not building rail lines. Illinois, California and New York vie to direct funds their way.

It's for unexpected expenses like these when that golden parachute comes in handy.
Former WaMu executives sued for $1 billion.

Monster Momma: Boyfriend says mom in West Virginia got high, got drunk, and passed out on top of three-month old.

Mean Momma: Mom lists kids' toys on eBay as punishment. Auction shut down by 4Chan.

Dumb Momma meets world’s worst intern: Sarah Palin asks Bristol to Google the economy for her.

Proud Pappas and Momma: Rufus Wainwright, his partner and baby’s mother announce birth of daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen.

Responsible Mommas only: New bill would allow parents to teach teenage kids to drive.

Big brown beaver spotted at Arboretum. Thanks to CHS Blog for catching the totally adorable video on the Seattle Parks twitter feed.