Demonstrations in Libya continue. Over one hundred demonstrators killed and rising.

It’s not a Middle East thing. Côte d’Ivoirians have their own reasons for anti-government demonstrations.

Not unexpected, yet still gratifying: Protesters against Wisconsin Gov. Walker outnumber Walker supporters several times over. 55,000 demonstrators descend on the state capitol without a single arrest or report of violence.

Also not unexpected, yet still disappointing: Maryland Republicans step up fight against same sex marriage.

Gov. Brown says no to state swag. California agencies spent $7.5 million over three years on key chains, coffee mugs, flashlights and ashtrays.

Most also don’t think the president is a Muslim socialist from Kenya.
Blacks and Hispanics still see hope, despite greater losses due to recession. Those polled say economy is on right track.

Ironically their favorite show is The Biggest Loser. Couch potato primates help scientists study obesity and diabetes.

It’s not just about malaria research. Gates Foundation funds global independent journalism. Critics say it taints objectivity and blurs line between journalism and pr.

And so it begins. Crews tear down Viaduct northbound on-ramp at First Ave South. Construction at site of on-ramp will make area ready for demolishing the Viaduct mainline.

If you are currently being robbed, please press two. 9-1-1 miscommunication at fault for delayed police response to robbery aboard a Metro bus in White Center.

How to build a beaver lodge.
Sir David Attenborough and the BBC take cameras inside a beaver den, aka ground zero for cute nibbling action.