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Local Printer Refuses Service to a New Seattle Gay Bar


We don't hate gays, we just feel our morals are better, said the phonybaloney moralist who thinks he's superior.

Stupid christians not accepting gay business. I hope these guys sue the Jesus out of them.
would this be an issue if the business refused to print satanic or occult flyers, or nazi-emblazoned materials?

just let people have their views and run their business the way they want...we shouldn't try to make everyone think and act the same -- that would be boring. the bar can get their stuff printed at any other dozen local shops in town.

this is sooooooo NOT a story.
So those homosexuals are telling that business what they must print?

Do those homosexuals think that print shop should be allowed to print anti-homosexual information?

Why is the American civil liberties union
trampling over a firms' right to denial of service?

Ayn Rand predicted this would happen. Despite me disagreeing with her philosophy, she was exactly right about leftists, right to the fucking letter.
"We reserve the right to refuse service."

Regardless of the reason why, a business has no obligation to service you.
Does not a โ€œgayโ€ bar discriminate based on sexual orientation?
Should have gone with a union printer.
@5, you're wrong. The Washington Law Against Discrimination require businesses open to the general public to serve all customers equally and specifically bars discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Which is why, @6, if a gay bar refused service to a straight man on the grounds that he didn't suck dick, they'd also be in violation of the law. But simply operating a gay-themed bar, like operating a sports-themed bar, isn't inherently discriminatory.
It's absolutely horrendous to me that there are still people out there that would do something like this. To the owners of Diesel, keep doing what you're doing and don't let assholes like that get you down. It was very right of you to reject their apology and I commend you for standing up for yourselves.
It's absolutely horrendous to me that that there are people out there that are so morally fucked that they would do this. To the owners of Diesel: keep doing what you're doing and don't let assholes like that bother you. I commend you for rejecting their apology. They deserve your kind words just as much as you deserved their disrespect (which is not at all).
They aren't refusing to provide service on the basis of the client's sexual orientation, they are refusing to provide service because they do not want to publish a disgusting degenerate piece of filth. This choice has nothing to do with the customer, and everything to do with the ad.

If a white supremacist wanted to print up some informational pamphlets, they could be denied that service and it wouldn't be because they're white, it would be because they're trying to print filth.

This lawsuit is borderline frivolous and will likely be dismissed...
@4 What if they decided they didn't want to serve Blacks? Hispanics? Asians? Would Ayn Rand approve of that? You really think their right to "denial of service" trumps human beings' right to equality under the law?
I'd rather see a boycott/BBB complaint campaign - those are all free market-based responses that right-wingers can't complain about. Hey, we're just acting in accordance with our morals, right?
@11 if that was the ad up above, then i don't see any filth. your name conjures up more bear imagery than that ad.
#11 - yeah, where's the filth? The word "ass" hardly qualifies. This is not hate literature, which a printer could conceivably object to. This is tame stuff. I don't think it's worth making a lawsuit. Surely this whole fracas has given the bar a lot of free publicity. The bar owner could always put a copy of this news article on his wall, asking patrons not to use this printer. I suspect the printer won't be getting any more gay business anyway.
@12 I wish businesses could discriminate based on race. We would know who the racists were and we would know who the people who supported them were. I WOULD NOT spend my money with them. They would be put out of business. win/win.

I also think you should be able to do business with whomever you want to and allow only who you want on your property.
Wow. I hope people here understand that this is possibly the worst press the gay community could get.
I'll be boycotting this business, but if the suit doesn't get thrown out instantly... I'll also help with their legal fees.
It'll come out of the money I would have donated to the ACLU.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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