In Case You Missed It: You didn't miss much at last night's Republican foreign policy debate.

The Euro Is Still Not So Hot: The New York Times, as always, eloquently explains the gravity of the situation.

Berlusconi Eventually Wants Back In: When asked for comment, the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti simply replied, "Have you seen what a splendid day it is?"

This Is Why People Dislike Canada: Vancouver, BC is trying to become the world's greenest city by 2020.

A Homeless Man with an Ax, Alleged Fire, and a Dead Deer Wearing Sunglasses and a Knight's Helmet: In Tacoma!

Occupy Olympia Agrees to Self-Police: After repeated complaints of drug use and violence problems in Heritage Park. They will not, however, end their occupation.

Lou Engle Enraptures Detroit Prayer Rally: If there weren't enough to object to about a 24-hour prayer rally in a football stadium in its own right, leaders of the movement believe Dearborn is under demonic control due to its muslim population, and that black people are cursed by satan for voting for the Democrats.

Chicago Area House Explodes: In West Lawn. Two are critically injured.

WSU President Elson Floyd: Speaks out against the State's proposed budget.

Temporary new favorite song here. I know it's freaking old, but I hadn't heard it before yesterday: