An Elderly Woman, a Pregnant Woman, and a Priest: Were pepper-sprayed last night at OWS. Kudos to the Seattle PI for great work, and Dorli Rainey is a BAMF.

Syrian Defectors Attack Damascus: The Free Syrian Army, which claims ranks of 25,000 ex-army officers and soldiers, killed 34 government soldiers in attacks on military intelligence units.

Bullet Hits White House Window: After a nearby shooting. The FBI is now involved, and the believed mentally ill suspect is still at large.

Mario Monti Fails the Confidence Fairy: As stocks fall and borrowing costs remain prohibitive in Italy.

Lake City Way SUV Driver Charged with Vehicular Homicide in 2009: Apparently, he had crashed into three vehicles on January 30, 2009, and killed a 65-year-old woman. He was entirely sober and driving 80 miles per hour on 15th Avenue West.

Gallery of Adorable Pets up for Adoption: In Everett, including this 6-month-old chihuahua named Princess Fiona.

OWS Persists Despite Loss of Camp: Aided in large part by brutal police actions and the arrest of a half dozen journalists.

Woman Robs Sandwich Store at Gunpoint: In Tacoma!

American Catches a Ride with a Russian: And ends up completely safe at the International Space Station.

I wish forgetting words to a song in a performance would win me a Grammy.