Obama Pledges Millions More to Fight AIDS: He's asking for $15 million to fight AIDS domestically and $35 million abroad. He even gives a hat tip to his predecessor for making serious progress on ending AIDS—weird how infectious diseases like that can just end.

81-Year-Old Wins Pacific Mayoral Contest by Write-In: Cy Sun, an 81-year-old, won the Pacific, WA mayoral contest by knocking on every door in town three times, ousting incumbent Rachel Hildreth by 70 votes. His opponent complained of "dirty campaigning."

Roommate Allegedly Kills Fiancée in North Seattle: When a 51-year-old man returned home to the 13500 block of Linden Avenue early Saturday, he allegedly attacked his roommate and his roommate's fiancée with a knife, killing her. Apparently, he was mad that he had to move out and make room for the couple.

Occupy Seattle Crackdown: 16 protesters were arrested early Saturday morning while occupying a building set for demolition. Additional reporting from Capitol Hill Seattle here. (Hat tip Hannah Hoose.)

Portland Police Use Social Media to Stop Occupy Portland Rally: 19 protesters were arrested in Portland yesterday, as they prepared to take another settlement. The mayor ordered the park to close early, and police were tipped off on the action by checking the Occupy franchise's social media footprint.

US Violates Iranian Airspace; Iran Shoots Down Drone: An unmanned aerial vehicle was flying over the eastern border of Iran, violating Iranian airspace, and was shot down. The drone suffered minor injuries and now—joy of joys—is in the possession of the Iranian armed forces.

Really Cute Foster Dogs, Pig, Horses, Recovering Well: After being seized from their Olympia-area home two months ago. Most of them have almost doubled their body weight, and are waiting to be adopted until after their owner's animal abuse trial.

That's One Way to Win an Endorsement: When your opponent, Attorney General Rob McKenna, doesn't show up to the Washington Education Association endorsement meeting. Go Inslee (by default)!

As an apology for the late morning news, here is an aptly-titled Youtube clip "Mission Impossible Squirrel." 'Cause I totally wouldn't have put up a cute squirrel clip if I'd gotten up in time.