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Subjects of The Stranger’s News Coverage Regret Things We’ve Said About Them



You go, Jean Godden:

"And finally, I regret that the "pro-union" Stranger remains a bastion of nonunionized labor."
Really? Godden's staffers are AFSCME members?
I thought the whole idea of needing a union was because the labor needed protection from ownership. It's obvious that Keck is successful in keeping the dull witted staff blissful with the office bong and a never ending supply of 4 loko, so if they are happy why must there be a union? If the writers ever wake up from the 4 day Halcyon job experience and demand organization, then I expect that management will be completely willing to sit at the table. Can you imagine Savage having to hire pinkertons and scabs?

Wait, this sounds like a lot of fun, actually. Savage and Keck on one side of the table, the writing staff on the other. Have it at out town hall, get everyone high as shit out back right before they go on stage. Gold, Jean Godden. Gold.
employment is the most third world example of Americas example of democracy in action?

as fearless leader W Bush said them thar illegal aliens do jobs that Americans wont do like pick apples and fight wars and run for office and make tacos and run hotels?

your union is fighting America as much as its fighting your employer as much as its fighting you?

Imagination is for Disney Land and lead editor is right up there with crab fishing?

Congress has a union and thats good enough for Americans.

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