Yawn, it's the Mitt again: Romney cruises to an easy win in the Nevada Republican caucuses. He secured 47.6% of the votes with just over 70% of the votes counted. His nearest rival Newt Gingrich got 22.6%. Romney's victory is his second in a week and cements his position as the Republican presidential front-runner.

Still fighting: Gingrich is not giving up until his party's convention in August, says he had expected Romney to win in Nevada because of the state's high Mormon population. "I'm actually pretty happy with where we are, and I think the contrast between Governor Romney and me is going to get wider and wider and clearer and clearer over the next few weeks," Gingrich said.

Any friend of Newt is a friend of Romney's?: It looks like even if Gingrich drops out of the race, his top donor Sheldon Adelson will devote his time, energy and billions to the overriding issue: beating Barack.

"Uni-dimensional": That's what Santorum called Romney. What should Romney call Santorum?

"A travesty": Is what Hillary Clinton called Russia and China's veto of a UN resolution condemning Syria's crackdown against anti-government protesters. Human rights groups say that more than 7,000 people have been killed in Syria by the country's security forces since the uprising began in March.

Soccer riot: Continues for the third day in Egypt. The death toll from street fights grew to 12. The "ultras," a group of soccer fans, are now the vanguard of the Egyptian uprising.

Damage Control:: Komen for the Cure is seeking help from Ogilvy Public Relations and possibly former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to deal with its PR fiasco.

Brady vs Manning: Here's some Super Bowl trivia. Looks like even the NFL uses standardized tests to evaluate whether athletes are smart enough to draft.

Tax breaks: A new proposal in Olympia would force lawmakers to take a closer look at hundreds of state tax breaks currently on the books.

$975K: Money a jury awarded a mentally-ill woman who gave birth all alone in a King County jail cell 14 years ago.

And finally, it's not as nice today as it was yesterday, but it could be worse.